Un-Valentine’s Single Party

So with all the talk of Valentine’s Parties, I wanted to make sure that everyone was included and had something to do.  If you are single, there is still plenty to celebrate!  Invite all of your single friends over for an Un-Valentine’s Party.  Have your single friends invite their single friends and it will turn into a festive bash.  This party is all about having fun with your friends no matter what the occasion!

For invitations, use regular Valentine Party invitations but write “UN” in front of all Valentine statements.

black_roseMost people won’t want to be surrounded by red roses so use black roses and black party decorations.  However, you can always use fresh colorful flowers to lighten the mood.   Make funny “bad relationship name tags” and hand them out at the door when people come in. Some examples are  “Serial Dater”, “Break-up Queen”, “It’s not me, It’s you”, “The other Woman”, “Homewrecker”, “Love Goddess”, “Bad boyfriend”, “The Jerk”.

Keep the food simple by setting out finger foods and sweet treats.  Serve broken heart shaped cookies or heart shaped cookies decorated with black  food coloring.

For fun, try the Bleeding Heart Cupcakes recipe.


These BitterSweets are great gifts for your guests.  They come with a variety of sayings like:  “A Fine Whine”; “I Want Half”; “Just a Friend”;


If you are into games, play Name that Tune but use songs such as Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake); You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi);  and “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor

The goal of this party is to have fun with all of your single friends on a day that is normally relegated to the loving couples.

Other adult Anti-Valentine’s Day ideas include a girls night at a fun restaurant, a wine tasting party or just staying home with some friends and watching old movies.

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