Backwards Party

Next week my daughter has backwards day at school which got me thinking about a backwards party.  This is a great idea for a birthday, a get-together with friends or you could have a family backwards day.


Start by using some invitations like these found at Kaboose.

On the invitation include:  “Thanks for coming to my party!” Then put the date, time, address, etc. Also, ask your guests to come dressed as backwards as they can.
When you greet your guests, say “Goodbye and thanks for coming!” As they arrive, have them come through the back door and give them name tags with their names spelled backwards.

For decorations, hang your balloons upside down from the ceiling and hang birthday banners backwards.


Have the children sit on the floor, under the table and start with dessert first.  Serve cupcakes upside down like these from Family Fun.


After the cake, set up a veggie try with the veggies already in the dip.  Serve hot dogs, but cut the hot dog in half and put the bun in between each hot dog half.

For activities, play silent chairs, which goes by the rules of musical chairs except the sitting starts when the music starts.  Arrange a scavenger hunt, but instead of leaving clues, scramble up the answer and let that be the clue.  Do the limbo but instead of “How low can you go?” change it to “How high can you jump?”

As the party ends, help guests walk backward out the front door, and say “Hello” to them as they leave.

For more ideas, Real Simple also has a great article on hosting a Backwards Party.  Have fun or “nuf evah”.

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