Valentine Party Games for Kids

If you are having a valentine party for your kids, it is very important to have plenty of planned activities for them.hearts2

Of course all kids love games, so here are some fun games to play at your valentine party.

Cupid’s Challenge is a fun scavenger hunt.

For this special scavenger hunt, set up a Valentine’s tree centerpiece on a table.  On the branches, tie small clues for items that the kids must find or make and hang on the tree.  When the last item is hung, have small gifts waiting under the tree.  Try the following clues to get started…

1.My name rhymes with stupid, I’m as cute as can be.
Cut my shape out of paper to hang from the tree.

2. You’ll see many of me on this special day,
The symbol of love some people say.
Make one right now with paper and bow,
hang from the tree on a branch that is low.

3.I’m a well know pair that keep your toes cozy.
Hang one from the tree and all will be rosy.

4. I’ve got five points and shine in the sky,
make me from foil and hang me up high.


Another game that kids will love is Heart Stomp which can be found at Kaboose.

You can download a free Valentine’s Day Bingo game from DLTK’s website.


You can also find other fun games like Valentine Rap and Steal My Heart at Family Fun.

I hope these games add a little extra fun to your celebration.

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