Host an Oscar Party

If you love the glamour and excitement of the Oscars, try hosting your own Oscar Party.  The 81st Acadamy Awards presentation will be held Sunday, February 22nd.

This Film Canister Invitation is a great way to invite your guests to a night of Hollywood fun.


Turn your party into a red carpet affair and ask your guests to dress in their best attire.  Don’t forget to lay out the red carpet for their grand entrance and photograph your guests as they arrive.  Use the pictures as party gifts for a night to remember. Provide each guest with a ballot to pick their winners.  At the end of the night, determine who picked the most winners correctly and give them a special prize or award them with their own Oscar oscar-divagirl

Decorate with glitz and glamour by using color schemes with black, silver and red.  silvertinsle-plumparty

Plum Party Supplies has some great decorations to choose from.


Have a first class buffet set up with items like Parmesan-Stuffed Dates and other great recipes found from Epicurious.

bacondates-epi Chocolate desserts are a must for this party.  Fill champagne flutes with chocolate mousse or serve chocolate truffles to end the meal.

Serve champagne from this Top Hat Ice Bucket tophat-plumparty or serve The Red Carpet Fizz barsm_redcarpetfizzfrom the Oscars website.

This party will be great to enjoy the glitz of Hollywood, discuss new fashion trends and try to pick the winners of the night.  I hope that your party is an award winning extravaganza!

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