Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are  a new trend that you see more now at baby showers.  You can make creative cupcakes to go with the theme of your baby shower.  Here are some creative cupcake ideas that I have found.

peekaboo-baby-cupcakes-25301 baby-shoe-cupcakes-26834

This Peek-a-boo Baby Cupcake and Baby Shoe Cupcake can be found at Cutest Baby Shower Ideas.


These Safari Cakes would be great at an Animal Adventure Shower or with a  Noah’s Ark theme.

shake-wilton cupcake-wilton

Wilton has some great ideas for cupcakes like the Shake, Rattle and Roll and the Cute and Contented cupcakes.


The most unusual cupcake that I found was the Pickle and Ice Cream Cupcake.  This one might be better to serve just to the expecting mother.

The display of your amazing cupcakes at your shower will be a topic of conversation for your guests!  Hope you enjoy!

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