Pajama Party

Lisa emailed me asking for help with her daughter’s first sleep over.  Her daughter is 6 and she wanted to make sure that all the girls had a great time.  This is a milestone for both the parents and the child as they spend their first night away from the parents to stay with friends.

If you are sending out invitations, Tiny Prints has a great Sleepover Invitation.


Kids love to have fun foods at sleepovers like pizza, popcorn, chips and sweets.  Make sure that your guests don’t have any food allergies.  Family Fun has some ideas for a great slumber party including a  Sleepover Cake that would make a great dessert.


Girls love to play dress up so set up an area for the girls to experiment with make up and crazy hair styles.  Another idea is to buy white pillow cases and let everyone decorate their own pillowcase with fabric paint.  Everyone will get to take a memento home from the sleepover.

Get a movie that is suitable for everyone and let them watch the movie surrounded by pillows and blankets.

When they FINALLY get up in the morning, treat them to donuts or pancakes. also has some great ideas for a pajama party.


Be sure to take pictures and try to get a little rest while the kids have an exciting first sleepover.

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