Be Creative With Lemons

I am anxiously awaiting spring and these lemon ideas seemed to brighten the mood.  Lemons can be used in so many ways when you are decorating.

With Easter around the corner, this is a great way to use lemons with your decor.  Simply find a wreath, vine or a birds nest from a craft store and arrange small lemons in it.


I can’t wait to make this arrangement that Chris from Celebrations at Home found from Rachel Ray.  It is actually made from Jello.


Sandra Lee made lemon topiaries to go with her glass canister of lemonade.


Toast and Tables also had some great ideas for using lemons.



Don’t throw away your lemons!  Be sure to keep them for beautiful decorations that will brighten your day and everyone around you.

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  1. Love the lemon ideas, especially the flowers in Jello. Keep up the good work!