Rustic Wine and Cheese Party

Some of the new items from Pottery Barn really make me want to have a wine party.  This might be something coming soon in the fall!

I love the fruit in the glass hurricanes.


Think of how many ways you can use this Pizza Cutting Board.


These cheese markers would be great to have because you can erase them and use them over again.


Another great item to have that you could use in many different settings is this Iron Condiment Set.


Anyone up for some wine and cheese???

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  1. I had a wine party this past winter and it was a lot of fun. There is a company called Wine Shop At Home and they have consultants all over the country. They come in and show you how to correct taste wine, pairings, etc., then at the end the guests can purchase the wine if they wish. It is no pressure at all and a lot of fun…and a cheap way to bring in someone to teach your guests. Here is the link to the party I had…not as neat as the ideas above…but gives more info about Wine Shop at Home.

    • Desiree….I actually went to a party of theirs this spring and LOVED it! I am hoping to host one in the fall!

  2. Great tip Desiree! And i love the PB pics. I need to get a wine party together!