Chili Cook Off Party

I had a request for some ideas for a Chili Cook Off Party.  Growing up in Texas, I have seen a variety of chili cook off parties.

If you want to go with a traditional theme, decorate with a chili peppers theme.

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String Chili Pepper Lights and use fun accessories like this snack tray from Hostess Jo.

Other fun themes or theme names could be:

The Hot Chi-hua-huas – decorate with colorful Mexican accents and serve chips in a sombrero

The Wickedest Chili of the West – decorate with a Wicked Witch or ideas from the Wizard of Oz

Texas Hotties – Use cowboy hats and baskets with bandanas

Doctored Up – Dress like doctors and nurses and use medical decorations


Rachel Ray has some great ideas on hosing a Chili Cook-Off Party.


Here is a great Texas Style Chili recipe.

Don’t eat too much!!!

You can

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  1. Hey there! I am brand new to your blog and this is awesome!! You have so many treasures here. Thank you for sharing them all. This chili idea is super fun…the perfect way to warm up for the winter. 😉

    I just posted about a SECRET AGENT spy party and would love for you to check it out if possible! Thank you.