Cookie Sleigh Favor and Place Card in One

Here is a great idea for a favor and place card all in one for Christmas.


How to Make the Santa Sleigh Party Favors
You’ll need:

  • 1 box graham crackers
  • 1 can vanilla icing
  • 2 candy canes per guest
  • 1 package of mini square-shaped cookies
  • 1 package of coconut
  • 6 sheets of green construction paper
  • 1 red pen
  • An assortment of food colors (including red)


  • Separate icing equally into two bowls. Tint one bowl of icing red.
  • Coat a graham cracker with vanilla icing and sprinkle it with coconut to look like snow.
  • Position two candy canes in the icing, with the curved front part facing up. (These are the sleigh runners.)
  • Take a second graham cracker and break off one section to make it shorter than the first.
  • Frost the second graham cracker with red icing and place it in the curved part of the candy canes. Make sure the rest of the second graham cracker rests on top of the white icing underneath.
  • Anchor the Santa cookie to tshape cookies with different colors of icing and arrange them around the Santa cookie to makehe top of the sled with vanilla icing.
  • Decorate the mini square- packages.
  • Cut stockings out of green construction paper. Write each guest’s name on a stocking with a red pen. Tuck a stocking under each sleigh, making sure the name is visible, to complete the place card.

From – Sandra Lee

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