Sweet Love Candy Bar

Here is a great candy bar that I found on Project Wedding.


This could be incorporated into a Valentine’s Day party, a bridal shower or a wedding!

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  1. Love it!! 🙂

  2. So SWEET! I LOVE it! Posting on my FB fan page!

  3. Oh, I love the lettering! Very cute!

  4. Aww… so very sweet. love it!

  5. Brandy @ Simlply Creative Insanity says

    Very “sweet”! Love the lettering too!

  6. We did something similar for my daughter’s wedding reception. Her colors were soft pink and chocolate brown and cream, so we went nuts buying tons of every kind of pink or brown candy we could find. The wedding was a month after Valentine’s Day so the pink candy was abundant. We had someone serve neopolitan ice cream cones (pink and brown ice cream) and had Dr. Pepper and pink lemonade to drink. M&Ms in all shades of pink, pink “Peep” hearts, pink pixie sticks, pink bubble gum, popcorn and lots more fun candy in big funky containers. We had pink Chinese takeout boxes and everyone could take goodies with them. We and our guests had a blast. It became known as The Willie Wonka wedding reception.