Cute Deviled Eggs for Easter

Have fun with deviled eggs this Easter and make some of these cute deviled egg ideas from Family Fun.

Red Devil Eggs
Red Devil Eggs

1. 3/4-inch red bell pepper strips
2. Half of an egg, sliced lengthwise

Chick Eggs
Chick Egg Variation

1. Sprig of flat parsley inserted into a small slit
2. Top third of an egg sliced crosswise
3. Capers
4. Two small bits of carrot
5. Bottom portion of the egg
6. Small round of the egg sliced from the bottom to keep the chick upright
7. Carrot coin with edges trimmed to resemble toes

I love these…
Egg Baskets

1. 4- by 1/8-inch length of celery soaked in ice water 10 minutes to make it pliable
2. Small sprigs of curly parsley
3. Two-thirds of an egg, sliced crosswise
4. Small round of the egg sliced from the bottom to keep the basket upright

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  1. A-freakin-dorable! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be making all of these this weekend. My only contribution to any gathering is my deviled eggs. I’m kind of obsessed with them. Everyone in my family would think I was dying if I didn’t bring my little carrier full of deviled eggs with me. I hooked a friend of mine on them as well and he even made a video about it… check it out…