Cupcake Shakes

Here is another great idea that you could use for an ice cream social that is easy, simple and fun!

They are a cute and inexpensive way to display the cupcakes and add color to any party table.

– Cupcake Mix
– Frosting
– Gumballs
– Straws
– Candy Filler (I used Skittles)
– Paper Grass
– Goblets

1. Make cupcakes as instructed. After cooling, frost cupcakes.

2. While frosting is fresh, add GUMBALL to the top as well as sprinkles. (I think the RED or PINK gumballs looks best). Set aside.

3. Fill bottom half of goblets with paper grass (which can be found at any Dollar Tree OR I like to stock up on mine after Easter when it’s 75% off). Then add Skittles/Candy til the cup is 3/4 full.

4. Insert cupcakes, making sure top half is sticking out. Add a Straw to the cupcake to finish it off.

NOTE: The bottom half of the cup could also be filled with tiny party favors instead of grass and skittles.

What’s so great about these CUPCAKE SHAKES is not only do they look awesome, but they are SOO STINKIN’ EASY to make.

Source – Lil Luna

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