Apple Candy Cupcakes

Today my oldest daughter started first grade so of course I have back to school things on my mind.  Here is a cute idea for a back to school party or any kind of celebration incorporating apples.
This  idea is  from Cute As A Fox Creations, found at Someday Crafts.


The inspiration for this project came from, they make cute candy cupcakes, including an Apple for back to school. I saw it, loved it, and knew I could make it!

Here is what we are making:

Here is what you need:

  • Red Jelly beans or red candy. I paid way too much for Jelly Belly’s at the mall. Joanns has solid packs of M&Ms for 5.99 then you could use a coupon. However, the Jelly Belly’s are apple flavored so that is a plus
  • Cupcake liners or I used some ramekins from Dollar Tree. Three for $1.
  • Plastic wrap or shrink wrap
  • Skewers or toothpicks
  • Ribbon for a leaf (or a silk flower leaf)
  • Candy straws – also from Dollar Tree
Step 1. Layout some plastic wrap on something with sides. This will catch any candies that try to escape.
Step 2: Pour your candy in the center of the plastic wrap. 3/4 of a pound of jellybeans got me 2 apples worth.

Step 3. Bring all four corners of the plastic wrap up and twist. It will form a ball.

Step 4. Form your ball how you want it and get the plastic pulled pretty tight. You want it to look shrink wrapped or as close to it as you can.

Step 5. Secure the ball with tape and snip off any extra plastic wrap.

Step 6: Put your jelly beans into your cupcake liner or ramekin.
Step 7. Cut a piece of ribbon 3-4″ long and singe or fray check both ends.

Step 8: Bring the “right” side of one end of the ribbon around and stack it on the right side of the other end to form a leaf shape.
Step 9: Cut a small slit in the end of your ribbon and put it on the skewer.

Step 10: Insert the skewer into your jellybeans and slide all the way down to the bottom of the cup.

Step 11: Trim your skewer and work the candy straw onto the skewer. It is easier if the skewer has a point to it, so cutting at an angle may be helpful.

You are done! I can’t wait for my 4 year old’s preschool teachers to get them on the first day of school!

Variation: I put a package of sour straws at the bottom of one of the apples. That helped it look a little fuller because I hadn’t split the jelly beans exactly even.

Other fun variations:

  • Use a pretzel stick for the stem instead of a candy straw.
  • Color the end of a lollipop brown and use the end of the stick as the straw. You would just put the lollipop upside down and insert the stick through the jellybeans.
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