Banana Pudding Shooters

Let me start today by saying that my youngest brother is engaged and I am so excited for him!  His fiance is a wonderful girl and I am beyond excited for both of them!  With that said, I will probably be doing some special posts with ideas for them (and hopefully I won’t drive them crazy!).

My brother does not really care for cake so the other day he mentioned that he didn’t want a groom’s cake.  His favorite dessert is banana pudding so I put together some alternate ideas for a groom’s cake incorporating banana pudding.

You can have it served as shooters, in martini glasses, as a cupcake or I even found a banana pudding cake.

At this wedding, the groom also preferred banana pudding so they displayed it on a pedestal similar to how the groom’s cake would be displayed.

Here are some other examples…

Banana Pudding Parfaits; Banana Cream Dessert Shooters; Banana Pudding Cupcakes; Banana Pudding Cake; Banana Pudding Shots; Hanging Banana Pudding Dessert Shots; Banana Pudding Martini; Banana Parfait

Of course, it is still early in making decisions so this is just one of many ideas and I’m sure whatever they do will be great!

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