Texas Style Super Bowl Party

Well, the Super Bowl is in Texas for the first time and unfortunately our Dallas Cowboys will not be making an appearance!  However, just because the Cowboys won’t be there it doesn’t mean that you still can’t throw a Texas-style Super Bowl Party!  Now everything is BIGGER in Texas so make sure your party is bigger and better with this Texas theme.

Start by serving a Texas-sized spread of salsas, guacamole, queso and tortilla chips.  For the main course, keep things simple by serving easy steak sandwiches and Texas style chili.  Be sure to serve some Texas size margarita’s and of course some cold beer.

Decorate with cowboy boots, bandanna’s and big football decor.  For the guests that might not be as involved in the game, set up a table to play Texas Holdem.

Remember that “Everything is BIGGER and BETTER in Texas”!

Boots with flowers; Texas Style Steak Sandwiches; Texas Style ChiliCake; Real Texas Guacamole; Bandanna ConesMargarita; Bandanna Napkins

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