Team Themed Cocktails for your Super Bowl Party

Get everyone in the spirit at your Super Bowl party with these themed drinks for your team.  I know that beer is usually the choice to drink for the game but who doesn’t love a theme!!!

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Black & Gold

2oz. Black Vodka

1oz. Goldschlager

Yellow Sugar Crystals

Dip the rim of the martini glass in the yellow-colored sugar crystals.  Pour black vodka into an ice filled shaker and shake well.  Strain into the martini glass.   Top with the Goldschlager so the gold flakes float on top.

Green Bay Packers – Old Fashion Wisconsin

3oz. of Brandy

2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

1 Tsp. of Sugar (A sugar cube works best)

1 Dash of Water

1 Lemon Peel for Garnish

Place sugar cube in the bottom of the glass.  Saturate the cube with water and bitters.  Muddle the ingredients together.  Fill the glass with ice cubes and the brandy.  Stir well.  Garnish with lemon peel and enjoy!


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