DIY Fringe Chandelier

Here is a great idea to make a fringe chandelier from Lauren Elise found via The Knotty Bride. This would be great for Easter, an outdoor celebration or a baby or bridal shower.

Here are the instructions from Lauren Elise:

Materials ::

○ embroidery hoop

○ needle-nose pliers

○ tacky glue

○ binder clips

○ tissue paper in 2 colors (I used a pack of 12 sheets per color)

○ jute twine

○ x-acto knife & metal edge ruler (optional)

○ fringe scissors (Martha Stewart makes a great pair)

○ velvet ribbon

Directions ::

○ Separate the two pieces of an embroidery hoop.  Use needle-nose pliers to flatten (as best you can) the two metal clasps on the outer ring {image A}.  Put tacky glue on the inner ring {image B} and then bring the two rings together.  Use binder clips to hold in place {image C} so that the glue can dry.  Let the hoop sit for 15-20 minutes and then remove the clips.

○ Spread a single sheet of tissue paper out flat on your work surface.  Put tacky glue along the outer edge of the embroidery hoop.  Glue the longer edge of the tissue paper to the outer edge of the hoop, wrapping the paper along the hoop’s entire circumference {image D}.  This will form a cylindrical funnel shape.

○ Cut a piece of jute twine.  Vary the length based on how far down you would like the chandelier to hang.  Punch a small hole through the tissue paper, pass the jute twine through it, and then tie the twine in a knot {image E}.  Do this on the opposite side of the hoop also.  Now the chandelier can hang from the twine {image F}.

○ Take a piece of tissue paper of the opposite color and glue along the circumference of the hoop, just like you did before {image G}.  You now have two pieces of tissue paper, of the same length, hanging from the hoop.  Do not worry if your tissue paper does not wrap around the entire hoop.

○ Take two pieces of tissue paper, one of each color, and cut 1.5” off of the shorter edge {image H}.  Use a little bit of glue to adhere the two colors of tissue paper together {image I} and then glue the set of paper to the embroidery hoop, the same way you did in the previous steps.  I varied the color of each layer, switching between the yellow and white.  Cut each layer 1.5” shorter than the layer before it to create the desired striped look.

○ Complete all of the layers of your chandelier (I did 10 layers) {image J}.  Then take your fringe scissors and start cutting the bottoms of each layer {image K}.  Don’t worry about cutting perfectly, mistakes will not be noticeable in the end.  Continue cutting all of your layers {image L}.  When you have finished with the cutting {image M}, glue a piece of velvet ribbon along the top of the chandelier to give it a more polished look {image N}.

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  1. SO love that fringe chandelier!

  2. Thank you for sharing my fringe chandelier project! This was definitely a favorite project of mine 🙂