Dolijanchi – First Birthday

I love learning about different cultures traditions!  Do you know what a Dolijanchi is?  Well this one  from Yoshiko Photography is such a wonderful celebration and looks like so much fun!  Doljanchi is a traditional Korean celebration of a child’s first birthday. The first birthday has special meaning in Korean culture, and some people believe that the first birthday is an opportunity to pray for blessings for the child’s future.  At the party, the key event is the doljabi, when the child is placed in front of a table with a display of symbolic items like pens, books, rice, money, and so forth. Korean parents believe that their child’s fate will be dictated by whatever he or she picks up at the dolijabi.  A child who grabs a pen, for example, will become a scholar, while a child who grabs a bundle of string will have a long life. This event is usually eagerly watched by the crowd.

This birthday girl chose a brush and a stethoscope which represent a scholar and a doctor!  WOW!

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