Our New Look!!!

Have you noticed our new look?  If not or if you are reading from an email or feedburner please click here to see some of our updates.

I am so excited about our new look and we will still be making some changes and adding some new things in the next couple of weeks so look for more exciting things soon!  I am very thankful to have a great brother who has always helped me with this site!  He helped me with all of the changes and updates so if you have any questions or would like more assistance with your website and/or other services that his company provides then be sure to check out Barrera Search Marketing!

Please make sure that you sign up for our newsletter on our home page.  We will be sending extra party planning information along with other details in our newsletter.

As always, I am always so amazed at all of the creativity that people have when it comes to entertaining!  I always love to receive emails from people sharing their celebrations!  If you would like to submit your party, recipe or tutorial to be featured on Divine Party Concepts please make sure to go to our Submit a Party page for more information.

You can also Keep In Touch with Divine Party Concepts by following us on Facebook; Twitter; Google+; and Pinterest.

I am so thankful for everyone that follows me on a daily basis and hope that I continue to inspire you and help you with celebrating special moments in your life!  Please remember that we are still making changes and continue to strive to keep updated with newer and better ways to share things with you and provide services to help you celebrate special moments in your life!

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  1. Looks great–congrats!!

  2. LOVE!

  3. Very fresh, appealing look!