Creative Ways to Display Flowers

I always enjoy fresh flowers but you don’t always have to just put them in a vase to enjoy their beauty.  Why not use the flowers in some unique ways.

This Flower Soup would be a great centerpiece that would have all of your guests talking about it!

If you are planning on cutting down a tree put the wood to good use and use it as a planter for your flowers.  This would also be a great centerpiece using small pieces of wood.  Image from Science Photo Library.

I love this way to display flowers on a dessert table in jars!

If you love thrift shopping, pick up an old chandelier and paint it to match your decor and then add flowers to it to create this wonderful centerpiece.  Image from Next Exit Photography.

Create flower candles with this tutorial from Martha Stewart.

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  1. I love the idea of adding flowers in a log.


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