Giveaway for a signed copy of Monica Pedersen’s book – Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at Home


I’m excited about this giveaway that we are doing today!  Monica Pederson, HGTV host and interior decorator, inspires and teaches readers how to entertain at home in her new book, Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at HomePedersen presents 10 separate parties in the book.  Each party has a theme in which she uses her accessible approach and distinctive style to set the tone.

This is just a sample of one of the beautiful pictures in the book.  I absolutely love the chandeliers in an outdoor setting.

Now, you get a chance to win a signed copy of Monica’s book, Make It Beautiful: Designs and Ideas for Entertaining at Home.

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  1. My next party will be my daughter’s 10th birthday party. I hope get some great ideas from the book.

  2. I’d like to find some clever ideas for activities to do with young teenage girls for a Girlfriend’s Get-Together.

  3. I could always use a little help in the design department. Looks like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. My next party will be “homegating”. Tailgating party held at my home before a high school football game!

  5. Jessica Sigg says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! It looks awesome! I am planning a “Welcome Home” party for a local community and want to get away from the traditional tropical theme – I’m so excited for some new ideas!

  6. Sarah Mott says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Sarah Mott says:

    Next party will be son’s bday before he starts first year of school.

  8. sydney85 says:

    I am hosting a pokeno party. It is a card game similar to bingo.

  9. this book looks wonderful

  10. I am hoping to buy a house soon, so then that would be a housewarming party!

  11. I am planningt a fall welcome home party. I would love to use Monica’s book for inspiration.