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 MyPartyPlanner.com is a FREE website created specially for you, the visitor, searching for an entertainment service for your event in your area. They have a worldwide database of entertainment service including photographers, wedding planners, disc jockeys and more.   You can search the entertainment directory for everything you need to know about our vendors of entertainment worldwide. This web site is designed to make finding an entertainment service easy.

Now, have you heard of a foam party?  Well, this could be a lot of fun that kids would surely enjoy.

MyPartyPlanner.com shares this information on a foam party:

Finding new ways to entertain guests at a party can be a challenge, after all the same party ideas get old after a while. Party animals always want to go to parties that are alive and full of action. Foam parties offer plenty of action and keep guests entertained for hours.

Due to being rather new to the party scene not many people have heard of, or even know what a foam party is. Being one of the latest and most exciting ways to entertain guests will have the hosts across the globe using foam machines at their parties. A foam party is created with a small machine that uses a bubble solution to propel tons of light foam into an area.

This little machine is commonly pointed at a dance floor but the foam is so light the entire party will quickly be showered with fun foam. There are adjustments on this machine that will help hosts decide just how much foam needs to be put out. Though, hosts need to be prepared for a crowd of friends begging for more foam to dance in.

Most people thoroughly enjoyed blowing bubbles as a young child and have fond memories of doing so.  Party guests will find oceans of foamy bubbles covering a dance floor to be equally delightful. Strategic lighting and a DJ playing all the latest hits will transform any dance floor into a rocking sensation when bombarded with foam.

Hosts of parties with foam should recommend that their guests bring along appropriate swimwear to the party. Foam is fun but is even more fun when clothing is not being saturated by it. Every foam party to date has been a smashing success and guests find being able to move freely in the sea of never ending foam without normal clothing restricting them is the best way to enjoy it.

As with many other party props the Foam Daddy machine is available for rent as well as to purchase. For a minimal cost hosts can rent foam machines and turn a dull party into a sensational party. There is something about foam at a party that automatically creates a fun and lively setting no matter where a party is held.

You can find more information on the foam party and on MyPartyPlanner.com here!

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