“Watermelon” Ice Cream in a Lime Cup

It doesn’t quite feel like fall here yet so I’m still making cool refreshing treats.  This “watermelon” ice cream in a lime cup would be a good dessert to serve at a shower or an end of summer party.

Ok, so this isn’t really watermelon ice cream.  I actually made strawberry ice cream using my Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker.

Strawberry Ice Cream served in a Lime Cup:


limes (1 per serving)
strawberry ice cream (or watermelon, raspberry etc.)
“seeds” – mini chocolate chips


Cut a tiny bit off the bottom of the lime, just enough so it will stand up. Cut off the top and scoop the insides out. Add mini chocolate chips to ice cream and mix together.  Fill the limes with ice cream and freeze till ready to serve.

Buy filling the lime, it look like a mini watermelon half with the green rind, white wall and black seeds.



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