Chili Cook Off Party

I had a request for some ideas for a Chili Cook Off Party.  Growing up in Texas, I have seen a variety of chili cook off parties.

If you want to go with a traditional theme, decorate with a chili peppers theme.

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String Chili Pepper Lights and use fun accessories like this snack tray from Hostess Jo.

Other fun themes or theme names could be:

The Hot Chi-hua-huas – decorate with colorful Mexican accents and serve chips in a sombrero

The Wickedest Chili of the West – decorate with a Wicked Witch or ideas from the Wizard of Oz

Texas Hotties – Use cowboy hats and baskets with bandanas

Doctored Up – Dress like doctors and nurses and use medical decorations


Rachel Ray has some great ideas on hosing a Chili Cook-Off Party.


Here is a great Texas Style Chili recipe.

Don’t eat too much!!!

You can

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