Crepe Paper Daffodils

I love having fresh flowers in my house but I always am a little sad when they start to die and I know that I’m going to have to throw them away.  This is the perfect flower arrangement that you never have to get rid of.

This beautiful flower arrangement is made with crepe paper.  You can find the full tutorial for these crepe paper daffodils at To Be Charmed.

Spring Chandelier

I’m enjoying some time with my kids on their spring break this week so I thought that I would share some beautiful spring inspiration.  Look at this wonderful spring chandelier that could be used for a centerpiece, Easter decoration, an outdoor garden piece or as an actual hanging decorative chandelier indoors.

Find the tutorial for this spring chandelier at The V Spot.

Easter Tulip Centerpieces

Tulips are one of my absolute favorite flowers.  They are such a beautiful spring flower and they are great to use for Easter.  Here are a few great ideas for an Easter tulip centerpiece.

Tulips with asparagus; Easter tulips with candy; Easter tulip basket; Tulips with Easter peeps

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