Spring/Easter Vintage Picnic

Even though Easter is gone, spring is here and this submission from Jennifer Bell from Discarded Couture has some great inspiration for a vintage picnic.  Jennifer’s idea for this party is to teach people to up-cycle. Everything in this shoot is made from recycled products.

A few of favorite things from this shoot are:

*  the vintage bike with a basket full of flowers

*  the vintage bunnies

*  the hanging lanterns


Where: Kildara Farms Deep Cove, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Photos: Rita Steenssens Studio 1079
Hair: Conscious Hair By Elena
Makeup: Melanie Baird Make-up Artist
Dresses, Crafts,Styling and Flowers,: Jen Bell: Discarded Couture

Chocolate Confetti Eggs

One tradition in our family that the children and the adults all love to look forward to on Easter are confetti eggs also know as cascarones.  These edible cascarones would be a great to add to our Easter treats!

You can find the instructions for these at BRIT + CO.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Drink

Here is a fun and easy drink for the kids on Easter!

All you need for this is a hollow chocolate Easter bunny.  Simply cut off the top of the bunny and fill it with milk.  I suggest that you put the chocolate bunny in the freezer before serving to ensure it doesn’t melt and get messy.  The kids will love this and have a sweet treat after their drink is gone.

If you are busy planning Easter festivities and need a little break, the adults can also enjoy a drink.  Mix your favorite shot and pour it in the hollow chocolate bunny (I used Kahlua and milk).


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