Fall Hostess Gift

It is that time of the year that there are so many events and gatherings.  I always like to take the hostess some type of gift to let them know how much I appreciate the work and thoughtfulness that goes into planning things.  Here is a great idea to keep on hand use as a hostess gift.

Give homemade cider in a beautiful presentation like this from Better Homes and Gardens.  If you are running short on time, wrap a nice bottle of wine and embellish it with fall accents like this.

Fall Car Picnic

Fall is the perfect time to pack the car for a fun picnic.  These car ideas could be used for a family outing, a romantic afternoon or some fun tailgating.

This truck would be great for a nice outdoor romantic dinner and then watching the stars at night.

The Carbeque is already set up for you to enjoy a fun outdoor meal!

Drive into the country with this comfortable picnic ready from the car.

This vintage station wagon from Country Living sets the mood for a great picnic in the woods.

This car from Better Homes and Gardens looks like the perfect afternoon get away with perfect snacks and fun outdoor entertainment.

White Pumpkin Wreath

I love the different color schemes that you can choose for fall.

I’m trying to decide what colors I’m going to use this year but I really love this wreath from Better Homes and Gardens using white pumpkins and pistachio’s.

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