Team Super Bowl Cocktails

Enjoy a special themed cocktail for your Super Bowl party this weekend.  Depending on which team you are routing for you can chose from The Brady Bomb, The Manning Special, The Gronk and The Big Blue.

You can find the recipes at Thirsty Thursday.

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Corona and Blue Moon Cupcakes for the Superbowl

Of course, beer is the most common drink for the Super Bowl but how about putting a little twist on the beer this year with these Corona and Blue Moon cupcakes.  I also like the simple and easy bottle tops as cupcake toppers.

You can find the recipe for these cupcakes from Sweet Tooth here!

Are You Ready For Some Football…or Football Shaped Food

Are you planning a Super Bowl Party?  If so, here are some fun football shaped food to incorporate into your celebration.

Touchdown football pops; Chili in Football Bread; Football Cake; Rice Crispies Treat Caramel Footballs; Football Cookies; Passion Fruit Bar Footballs; Football Rice Cakes; Football Cupcakes; Grilled Cheese Footballs

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