I Hope You Dance Celebration

Have you seen the fall issue of Bird’s Party Magazine?  If you haven’t be sure to check out the great articles including my favorite one from Lynlee’s Petite Cakes, I Hope You Dance!

I thought this celebration was so wonderful for so many reasons! Dance is my other passion and the song I Hope You Dance has such a wonderful message.  Lynlee also describe’s how she relates this song to her daughter going to kindergarten.  Well, that struck a cord with me too because my twin girls will be starting kindergarten next week.  There are so many meaningful and creative ideas in this beautiful setting.  Be sure to read the full article here at Bird’s Party Magazine and read more of Lynlee’s thoughts on this here!

Outdoor Dominoes

I love games and games are always a great way to bring people together at parties!  Well, what do you think about playing outdoor dominoes?

One Dog Woof shares this tutorial on how to make outdoor dominoes.

This would be great for an outdoor party or a fun game themed party.  Be sure to check out the full tutorial here!

Woodland Birthday Party

I love outdoor parties and this Woodland Party from Aria Photography is a fun and great way to enjoy and outdoor party.  I love the use of rustic and colorful items that make this party so great.

Here is Aria’s description of the party:

I have always loved all things woodlandy, so most of the decor was already from our house. We live right behind a park with lots of trees, so we brought everything out there and had the children arrive at the park. Although the activities and games were simple (painting bird houses, bobbing for apples, catching butterflies, story-telling by a fairy, face painting, bean bag toss, etc.) the children kept busy playing in the wooden cottage, climbing trees, and munching on goodies in between games. Parents relaxed on the grass and everything was very laid-back. I wish I could have a party every day!

Be sure to check out Aria’s Photography here!

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