What’s keeping me busy…

My little bundle of joy surprised us on Thursday and decided he was ready to greet the world!!!  We have three girls already and this is our first boy which should be an adventure.  I should be back to “normal”  (not sure I am ever normal) soon.  Look for my daughter’s rock star party very soon.

Also be sure to keep up with more information and photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Technical Difficulties!!!

Hello everyone…

While we were very excited about some of the changes that we have been making, we have also come across a couple of problems.  We are having issues with our comments and a couple of other things so we are working to get everything working as soon as we can.  I will be rescheduling the Giveaway very soon and apologize for the problem!  I appreciate everyone that tried to enter and that has contacted me about the problem.

I will still be posting things and you can always leave me a comment on my facebook page or through email.

Thanks for your understanding!!!

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