10 Island-Themed Decorating Ideas for Your Next Party

If you want to have a party on an island but are unable to go to the beach, you can still host the event somewhere else, like your yard. You can fill your party menu with festive meals, including delectable grilled dishes and fresh summer salads. Additionally, you can set up a tiki bar where you can get drinks like pia coladas and pineapple-infused lemonade.

To throw an island-themed party, you must, however, also create the impression that you are on an island. You must also adorn the area with items having an island motif to accomplish this. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and plan a fun and unforgettable event for you and your guests if your concept of a party involves swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear oceans. Here are 10 party decorations with an island theme that we may suggest to assist you.

1. Use pineapple lanterns and other paper fan decorations

The mood of your island-themed party can be improved with inexpensive decorations like large pineapple paper lanterns and honeycombs. They have the ability to spread island feelings. Products like paper fan decorations that can be hung from any ceiling, tree branches, and doorways are available for purchase. These are all made of premium paper, and several colors are offered. Additionally, they are simple to fold up and put away after the event.

2.  Place some tiki torches around the party area

Tiki torch, Tiki torch at night

Tiki torches, which are frequently seen at beach parties, can be used to decorate the space if you want to improve the island feel at your party. If your celebration will last into the evening, these can also assist illuminate the area. These bamboo tiki torches have an island-inspired style and are made from sustainable, natural bamboo. Tiki torch kits include a 12-ounce, wide-mouth canister that is easier to pour, resulting in fewer spills and a cleaner, more pleasurable experience. With each 12 oz fill, these torches can burn for up to 5 hours. You may enhance your island-themed party and create an outside paradise with the help of these lamps.

3. Decorate the walls with tropical balloon garlands

Balloon garland, Tropical balloon design

Without balloons, parties aren’t complete. Tropical balloon garlands can be used to adorn the walls, buffet table, and other areas to give guests the impression that they are on an island. You can make your own balloon garlands or get them from party supply businesses. A total of 96 balloons, 10 tropical foliage, and 4 balloon tools are all included in a single package that is sold. Additionally, it comes with a balloon arch strip, a tying tool, silver ribbon, adhesive points, and 12 inches of aqua blue, rose, red, and gold confetti.

4. Create a DIY tropical backdrop

Party backdrop, Tropical summer background

You can even make your own tropical backdrop to complement your decor. Many internet tutorials are available to help you do this, which will undoubtedly give your party a more island- and tropical-themed atmosphere.

5. Place island-themed signs around the area

Repeating one or more tropical island emblems, symbols, or motifs across the space will also help your décor look cohesive. Suns, drink umbrellas, seashells, starfish, beach umbrellas, pineapples, bananas, pink flamingos, tropical fish, sea turtles, and other symbols of island life are a few of these symbols.

6. Use island-themed placemats, glasses and plates

Tropical table setting, Tropical style party

If you can match your plates, cups, placemats, and other serving pieces to the theme, the better. Look for paper plates and mugs that feature designs of starfish, palm palms, beach sand, and other sea life. There is a set that has rustic, wooden-looking eco-friendly plates and utensils. For an island-themed party, another merchant provides a set of placemats featuring coconut palms, pineapples, and plants.

7. Enhance the food service with unique details

The manner in which the food is served at an event with an island theme should complement your décor. As a centerpiece, you may, for instance, make a display of fruit that is falling. As fruit serving dishes, actual pineapple and coconuts are available. Bunting with blue and white waves can be used to adorn the table’s sides. Use tents and miniature signs in card holders shaped like palm trees, pineapples, or seashells to identify all the meals you will serve. Give your visitors the impression that they are dining on an island.

8. Create a beach or tiki bar

Tiki bar, Tropical beach bar

Create your own tiki bar or tropical beach bar to offer drinks in an original and unique way. Make use of a high table or counter to do this. Decorate it with a grass table skirt and additional tiki-themed accessories, such as a tiki head solar lamp, an open sign, a sign that reads “tiki bar rules,” and more. This will make it more enjoyable for your guests to partake in the delectable refreshments and group photos.

9. Use flowers, plants, and fruits as centerpieces and focal points

Additionally, using centerpieces like plants, vases, focal points, and vignettes, you may create a scene. Making a natural table runner out of any assortment of tropical flowers, fruit, and greenery will help you achieve this. If you don’t have these, you can substitute bamboo or rattan weave matting, a fabric runner with tropical leaf or floral prints, or both. 

It’s also fantastic if you can scatter live, healthy plants all over. If you prefer a minimalist approach, you can emphasize a particular plant or shape, such as the Fan Palm or the Monstera. Additionally, you can put together various blooms with vibrant hues and assertive textures. Put flowers in high vases or construct a vase from a bamboo pole.

10. Light up your party

Making your party space bright is crucial, especially if your island-themed party will take place at night. To brighten the entire area, utilize a variety of lights. You can select lighting with an island motif, such as seashell- or palm-tree-shaped lights. For instance, the warm white hue of the conch LED string lights will provide your event the most authentically nautical atmosphere. There is no need for an outlet because it is powered by 3 AA batteries, allowing you to put them anyplace. For up to 6 hours, it may provide lighting for your event.


These are what we can offer of the best island-themed party decorations for your upcoming event. You do not have to worry anymore! These should be useful to you as you organize and prepare your forthcoming island-themed party.

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