12 Party Decoration Ideas

The most fun thing about a birthday party or any other party which you are going to organize and having a super nice time with your friends.

1. Marbled Lamps: Decorate a Party

A super cute and original decoration for a party or even for your bedroom. The marbling effect is simply unbelievable! It is also very easy to do, you will be surprised!To give your parties more color and look different, add some lamps with marbled textures. It will look amazing!

2. Party Cannons

With these homemade cannons you will have fun all night long, you can make different decorations. They are also super easy to do; you can ask your friends for help.Add color to photos at your parties with confetti cannons. It will be fun and it will be perfect to show on Instagram.

3. Paper Decorations

Another type of decoration with paper, some pretty garlands of different figures. Also for the food bar some bases for potatoes or sweets.Decorate your party with paper garlands on the walls. It will give more color to the place; it will be perfect for your photographs.

4. Personalized Balloons

Nice detail to give or to decorate party, personalized balloons. You can also choose different decorations to place inside the balloons, it is very easy. Try it!Add different materials to your balloons with helium, you can also make lettering a phrase or name to make it more personalized.

5. A Mural of Balloons

This is a spectacular, simple and very inexpensive idea. You must be careful when gluing the balloons to the wall art for party, it is advisable to first put a crepe paper on the wall and then stick the balloons on it.

As you have seen, it is not necessary to be very skilled with crafts, they are simple ideas that anyone can do and they will be very showy. You can choose those that you liked the most and you will have an unforgettable children’s party.

6. Cake or Cupcake Bases

Another great idea to decorate the dessert bar, bases with pasta. They leave an interesting texture and painted with your favorite colors are incredible. It is also super easy and fast to do.Give a different touch to your dessert table decoration. Add a colored and textured base.

7. Party Favors: Cactus in a Mug

At a party you cannot miss the memories; cactus in a cup, this idea is great. It is also a nice detail that I am sure your guests will love.Give a souvenir at your parties; it will be a very special detail for your guests.

8. Accordion Flower

The accordion flower is super easy to do and if you add some extra cuts they will be more beautiful. They can also be made in different colors and sizes to fill an entire wall that I am sure will look beautiful.Decorate your parties with accordion-shaped flowers, they are easy to do and will give your walls more color and textures.

9. Jars with Candles and Glitter

To achieve this type of decoration you need some foresight, you will have to keep glass jars (of olives, peppers,). We only need to apply the glitter and the simple candles that they sell in large packs.

10. Colorful Streamers Lamp

To take advantage of the complete streamer pack, you can use them to create this wonderful paper lantern. You have to be very careful with the use of candles and paper at the same time. You just have to apply common sense when combining the elements.

11. Decorative Paper Garlands

Paper garlands are very easy to create. You cut the strips of paper and press them where they meet. You then tie them with a small rubber band. You can place them along a string that goes from side to side of a wall, between two trees, etc…

12. Create a Colorful Photo Booth

Photo booths have become fashionable at any event. In your children’s party you cannot miss a colorful photo booth. All you need are sheets of crepe paper glued to each other at different points to make a fun collage.Children will have a great time posing and it is always a nice memory of the celebration.