20 Great Wonder Woman Cosplay Accessories

Superheroes and superhero movies play a huge role in a the growth of today’s child. Imagine having an image of someone you can look up to when it comes to doing good deeds for other people (well, probably aside from your parents), right?

If young boys and adult men look up to male superhero figures such as Ironman, Batman and Superman, young girls and grown women, on the other hand, are also hooked on a superhero that represents their gender in the superhero community. One of the most well-known female symbols of power is Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman is one of the most beloved DC superheroes of all time. She embodies the symbol of strength and the female spirit. She left an indelible mark in every girl’s heart that she became a staple superhero icon during Halloween, cosplay events, and costume parties. 

So if you’re one of the aspiring wearers of the Wonder Woman costume, stay there because we’ll go through 20 great Wonder Woman Cosplay accessories that you could use to fully embody the spirit of a strong woman. 

1. Wonder Woman Tiara

Let’s start from the top and discuss the iconic tiara. You can choose from various tiara designs for your Wonder Woman get-up. This headpiece has many variations since each movie franchise releases its own version. 

However, as many designs as there can be, one thing is present among all of them–the star. Wonder Woman tiaras for cosplays are usually made of 100% polyester and are one-size-fits-all.

2. Wonder Woman Wig

From the comics to the movies, images and portrayers of Wonder Woman has Black hair, right? She also has soft, bouncy big curls that exude powerful feminine energy.

Therefore, having a wig that mirrors how Wonder Woman’s hair looks would definitely one-up your overall look. There are many options available for you to choose from–you can opt for synthetic or human hair. The choice is yours!

However, if you choose to have your spin and incorporate your characteristics into the image of the iconic female superhero, you can freely do so!

3. Wonder Woman Shield

Another of Wonder Woman’s weapons used in fighting off villains is her shield. It contains amazonian properties and is decorated with runes. No wonder she’s fearless during battles; she has something to protect her from powerful attacks. 

To become fearless like her, you can include a shield in your Wonder Woman cosplay. If you’re an adult, check if it is 23 inches in diameter. If you’re buying or creating one for your child, go for a smaller size. Usually, it is 12.5 inches in diameter. 

4. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

What makes Wonder Woman a Wonder Woman other than her lasso of truth? 

The lasso of truth is her primary weapon, and anyone held captive by it will have no choice but to follow her orders. Powerful, right? Adding this to your cosplay look will create a subtle but powerful effect. 

The measures needed to have this one are simple. You can either DIY with a piece of rope and gold paint or choose a costume set that has complete accessories. 

5. Wonder Woman Cape

An important characteristic of a hero in our imagination is a cape, so why miss the chance to don a cape for your Wonder Woman cosplay, right? 

Wonder Woman capes can be made through DIY-ing, but if you’re unsure how to do it, you can just simply buy one from stores. Most Wonder Woman capes are made from glossy material with a glittery Wonder Woman logo at the back and are lined with blue material with white stars. They also come with a hook and loop closure for easier placement. 

6. Wonder Woman Boots

One thing that’s always giving women power is their shoes. That is maybe the reason why Wonder Woman has literally killer boots!

A pair of these boots as part of your cosplay outfit will give you confidence while walking down the halls of your party venue. 

You can base the type of boots you’ll wear on your chosen costume. For example, if the overall theme of your Wonder Woman costume is gold, blue, and red, you can wear gold and red-colored boots. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a costume with mainly blue, red, and white colors, you can go for the red pair of boots with one thick line running in the center. 

7. Wonder Woman Gauntlets

The gauntlets, also known as the Bracelets of Submission, complete Wonder Woman’s amazonian look. They also serve as her protection from attacks. 

You can use DIY gauntlets using gold- and red-colored metallic paper to achieve the perfect amazonian look for your Wonder Woman cosplay. Or, you can buy the ones made of polyester from your go-to costume store. 

8. Wonder Woman Red Star Earrings

The earrings that Wonder Woman wears in the comic version may appear decorative, but it is believed that they help her breathe in outer space. Although, in real life, they’re merely decorations, wearing earrings that have the same design as the original one can boost your overall look. All you need to do is to look for red-colored star earrings, and you’re done!

Additional and Alternative Wonder Woman Accessories

9. Wonder Woman Gold Stud Earrings

These earrings usually have the Wonder Woman logo design. You could use this as an alternative if you cannot look for the ones with the original design. 

10. Wonder Woman Knee-high socks

Some socks are made to look like Wonder Woman’s boots, so if buying the boots would cost you more money, you can opt to wear these socks. Just pair them with red- or white-colored ankle boots, and you’re good to go.

11. Wonder Woman T-shirt with Gold Foiled Striped Sleeves and Emblem

Let’s admit it. Some people would want a little conservative take on the Wonder Woman costume. If you’re that person, you can opt for this personalized Wonder Woman T-shirt and pair it with metallic blue shorts or leggings, and you’re finally ready to conquer the universe.

12. Waist Trainer Belt

While Wonder Woman’s costume in movies is probably made of hard material to create that cinched waist look, you can achieve the same effects by wearing a waist trainer belt before putting on your costume! Problem solved!

13. Wonder Woman Preschool Backpack

If the Wonder Woman in your life is your child, you can make her feel strong and confident by adding this backpack to her overall outfit. Not only is it cute, but it is also functional! You can put light-weighted snacks there for her to eat whenever she feels hungry during the party.

14. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Charm Necklace

Do you want to present a chic take on Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth? Skip the traditional rope form and buy yourself a preferably gold-chained necklace with the Wonder Woman logo as a pendant. Voila! Perfect alternative. 

15. Wonder Woman-Inspired Handbag

Well, if you’re going to a party, you’d probably want to bring a few things with you aside from yourself in a Wonder Woman costume, right? There’s no way to do that other than with a Wonder Woman-Inspired handbag. That way, you’re not breaking from your character just because you’ve brought a bag with you–you’ve just turned yourself into a fashionable version of the female superhero.

16. Wonder Woman Adult Sword

Bringing this sword with you will totally complete your Wonder Woman costume. Not to mention it can also be used as a form of protection against real-life creeps. 

17. Wonder Woman Slap Bracelets

Your kids can use this one as an alternative to gauntlets. Not that the DIY or store-bought gauntlets are not child-appropriate. Of course, they are. It’s just that slap bracelets are toys they can play with whenever they feel bored at costume parties. 

18. Wonder Woman Children’s Headbands

Wonder Woman headbands can be used both as an alternative to Wonder Woman’s tiaras for costume parties and for your child’s everyday use. 

19. Wonder Woman Smartwatch Band

You can use a Wonder Woman-inspired smartwatch band if you’re not used to having your watch removed from your wrist. That way, you can still track time without ruining your outfit Problem solved!

20. Wonder Woman Light-Up Lasso of Truth

Complete your Wonder Woman outfit with this light-up Lasso of Truth for a photo-worthy costume look, especially when your costume party’s scheduled at night. 

There you go! These are the different Wonder Woman cosplay accessories that you can choose from for you or for your little one. 

The choices are endless, but regardless of which accessories you choose, two things should always be present for you to become the real-life version of this iconic female superhero–your strength and confidence as a woman.