20 Ideas for a Destination Birthday Party for Adults

If your birthday is approaching, you may be making plans but are unsure of what you wish to do. When it comes to commemorating another trip around the sun, only traveling beats cake and presents (but don’t let anybody stop you from getting all three). Continue reading for the best destination birthday party ideas so you’ll no longer have to suffer through hours of hanging party decorations.

Show or Concert

Dinner followed by your favorite artist’s concert is fun, especially when you sing along to your favorite songs. Consider the birthday person’s favorite musician and see if they’ll be in your area this year.

Ticket prices range from $50 to $100+ depending on who you want to see and how close you like to be. Consider how many people are interested, have them transfer you the money for their ticket, and buy all the seats together.

College or Pro Sporting Event

Depending on your favorite team or sport, taking a group of close friends to see a team you love or despise can be a fun social outing! Ticket prices for sporting events vary greatly depending on the game, seats, and venue. Consider having dinner before, during, or after the game!

Escape Room

Simply put, you and a limit of 7 other people enter a room and have an hour to discover how to escape by following clues. It typically involves players finding clues, keys, and codes, all of which unlock locks and allow you to exit the room. In reality, there will always be an emergency exit for those who require it, but it is a thrilling and enjoyable experience to share with friends.

Cocktail Lounge or Bar

people sitting on booths, holding drinks and having fun at the bar

Cocktail lounges and bars are enjoyable places to spend a birthday evening with friends. If you make reservations, the cocktail lounge or bar may even appoint a signature cocktail for the evening in honor of your birthday.

Cooking Class

Cooking classes are ideal for the birthday honoree who enjoys cooking. You’ll have a lot of fun eating whether you learn to make pasta, curry, sushi, etc.


There’s a reason why this birthday party theme is a classic. A birthday celebration with the celebrant’s favorite food is always a hit. Just remember to leave room for dessert.

Hi-Speed Indoor Go Cart Racing

In the last decade, go-carts have come a long way. You can now safely drive extremely powerful, fast go-carts inside go-kart tracks. Extremely fast carts usually require the rider to be at least 15 years old and to have a valid driver’s license.


Are you searching for a relaxing night or day with your friends? Visit a nearby spa. You’ll melt away any residual birthday planning stress with thermal pools, massages, and facial masks.

Indoor Trampoline Center Party

Envision a building with trampolines from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. These are fantastic party locations because you can use them regardless of the outside weather. Some locations also have trampoline dodge ball arenas, making them ideal for adult birthday parties.

Winery and Wine Cellar

Wine cellars and wineries are ideal for wine connoisseurs of all levels. Buy a bottle and have a picnic party, or have a sommelier tour you through a full wine tasting.

Sky Diving

a group of people sky diving

No, this isn’t for the faint of heart or budget, but you might be able to persuade your close, adrenaline junkie friends to cross this off their bucket list alongside you. Expect to pay more than $200 per person. Make sure you have a life insurance policy in place as well.

Brewery Crawl or Pub Bike

If you’ve been to any fun touristy towns lately, you’ve probably seen a silly-looking trolley car traveling down the road with a cluster of bar stools bearing people drinking and pedaling away, typically costing around $20 per person. These are ideal for an enjoyable group party event. It’s one-of-a-kind, active, and memorable, and there’s beer involved!

If the active part is too much for you and your pals, consider going to a town with many breweries and Lyfting your way around! It might also be smart to reserve a hotel room in town for the night.

Dine-In Movie Theatre

Luxury and dine-in movie theaters are becoming increasingly popular, and they also make fantastic venues for birthday parties. If there’s a movie you’ve wanted to see, get a few tickets for you and a few friends and watch it with a delicious meal and a drink.

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Local Vineyard outings with friends can be enjoyable, and if you call ahead, they can typically set up a nice spread of fruits, cheeses, and crackers and take you and your invitees on a tasting experience! Most tastings are reasonably priced, ranging from $8 to $10 per person. Check if the town offers a guided bus tour or rent a van.

Paint Night

Visit your local paint night location for a night of canvases, friends, and wine. Just get your friends to sign your painting for the best birthday card.

Zip Lines or a Ropes Course

two people zip lining through trees

Consider a day outing to a local zip line in your region if you want to get out and do something different. Zip lines typically transport one individual at a time down a long wire suspended above a forest canopy. Ropes courses are often “team” oriented and allow participants to walk across ropes suspended high above the ground.

Fitness Class

Have you wanted to take a fitness class but haven’t had the opportunity? Or perhaps you’ve been considering the kickboxing classes at your gym? Whatever it is, use your special day as an excuse to try something new with a group of friends.

Entertainment Complex Party

This is a modern-day version of Chuck E Cheese aimed at teenagers and adults. There are usually various games available inside these complexes, ranging from arcade games to billiards to bowling. It’s usually free to enter, but you’ll want to purchase party or game packs when you get there.

Hiking Trails

Try throwing a birthday bash on the trails if you enjoy being outside. Simply invite a few of your favorite fellow hikers to join you, pack some of your favorite drinks and foods for an outdoor picnic lunch, and hit the trails!

Cruise/Party Boat

Sunset and night cruises are popular birthday celebration destinations. Enjoy the sea breeze and spend the evening dancing with your loved ones.