5 Best Gifts for a Retiring Employee

It’s common practice for employers to provide employees with parting gifts, especially if they have dedicated several years of service to a business. However, the type of gift you provide someone moving on to a new job might be entirely different from the one you give to an employee who is now retiring from the workforce altogether. It’s only natural to be stuck for ideas. Alongside discussing the many different options with other employees, you might also like to consider some of the following gift ideas.

A Retirement Memory Book

If an employee has spent many years working for your business, it’s likely that they made life-long friends and lasting memories. There are few better ways to celebrate and remember these than with a retirement book put together by the colleagues they spent so much time with.

Retirement memory books can convey heartfelt messages, photos, quotes, and other noteworthy information you know your employee will cherish and appreciate. It can also be the perfect gift to present at a retirement party when you have everyone’s full attention.

A Relaxation Gift Basket

Retirement is all about enjoying a slower pace of life that doesn’t involve waking up early and being bound by someone else’s schedule. Consider putting together a relaxation gift basket to help your employee fully enjoy the start of the retirement years in earnest. This might include things like bubble bath products, bath bombs, tea and coffee, and vouchers for pampering. Relaxation gift baskets can be both cost-effective and thoughtful.

A Monthly Subscription

If your employee has spent several years working for your company, you likely have a fair idea of what they like and dislike. Use this information to your advantage by purchasing a monthly subscription to something they want. Magazines, meals, chocolate, and cheese; the options are endless. You might also decide to keep this subscription period open or pay for a year-long subscription for 12 gifts they’ll love.

An Experience

It’s not always easy buying a gift for an employee who seems to have everything they need. Rather than purchase something tangible, consider paying for an experience they won’t be in a hurry to forget. Concert tickets, a weekend getaway, a winery tour, or even sports game tickets might all be options you consider. If you’re unsure what your employee would like, consider talking to their colleagues to learn more about their hobbies and passions.

A Hobby Gift

Everyone has a hobby, and you might find purchasing a retirement gift an easy process when you know what your employee’s hobby is. For example, you might buy a new set of golf clubs for a dedicated employee who loves golfing in their spare time or a new sewing machine for an avid crafter and sewer.

Not only will your employee enjoy the gift itself, especially when presented at a surprise party, but they’re bound to appreciate the time you took to learn about what they like and find a suitable gift they’ll put to good use.

Finding the best gifts for retiring employees is never an easy task, but it’s certainly not an impossible one. After discussing ideas with your team, you might decide to organize any of these gifts above and give your employee the send-off they deserve after years of dedication.