5 Easy And Healthy Party Snacks

Soda, chips, and alcohol are often the foods that spring to mind when you think of parties, reunions, or gatherings. But if you prefer a healthy alternative or wish to invite the young ones, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, you’ll learn about healthy party food, including appetizers, sauces, dips, finger snacks, and so on. If you find any of these foods interesting, Boisson.nyc recommends that adults and kids freely try them out in the kitchen.

What Are Good Healthy Appetizers For A Party?

There are plenty of healthy party snacks and appetizers available. You can also tie them up with non-alcoholic drinks for the punch or mocktails you can serve. They’re pretty much an infinite amount of recipes out there. Here are some recommendations to get you started with the best party in the neighbourhood.


Given that you have limitless recipe options, soup is a terrific dish to serve at a dinner gathering, and yes, soup shots could be prepared as adorable appetizers. But they could also be designed as the main course. It’s a fantastic dish that is both reasonably priced and satisfying. Some of the best soups for parties include:

  • Pasta Fagioli
  • Broccoli Cheddar
  • Dill Chicken
  • Chicken Corn Chowder

If you intend to serve soup to your guests, you need to plan for both the soup itself and the other components of the meal. It needs more than just a lovely garnish to make it a star.

To ensure that you can serve all your guests and get the most out of your ingredients, it’s always a good idea to double your recipe. In addition, serving good bread as a side dish works well with most soup recipes, along with some butter.

And before you take out any of your fancy bowls, consider your intended serving size.

If you plan to serve soup shots, use smaller bowls. And if you want to use soup as the main course, use a typical cereal bowl.


Speaking of bread, a batch of crostini is a great option for party food. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, crostini is an Italian starter, and little toast is what crostini means in Italian.

A toasted baguette serves as the framework for this creative appetizer dish, which offers countless options for sweet or savoury toppings like tapenades, assorted cheese, diced/sliced fresh tomatoes, meat, and even fruit slices.

Deviled Eggs

One of the most refined party foods ever invented is deviled eggs. Due to their simplicity, low cost, and healthfulness, they are a traditional party appetizer for a large gathering.

Everyone likes eggs; thus, this simple finger meal could continue to be served at most events or parties you attend or host.


Meatballs are the ideal party meal since they are really simple to prepare and have a great taste profile. On top of that, you can do much more than serving them as they are, like adding more flavour.

You can add several toppings or prepare dips for your guests. The best ingredients for toppings and dips include cheese, tomato sauce, bread, bread crumbs, barbeque sauce, or even sesame seeds.


Both indoor and outdoor parties benefit greatly from hummus. Cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tahini sesame paste, and an acid, usually lemon juice, are blended together to create hummus, a smooth and creamy spread.

Although hummus today frequently contains garlic, it did not in earlier times. Olive oil isn’t a need either, but it is a common element in contemporary recipes.

Hummus has more nutrients than you actually need while having a greater fat content than specific foods. Hummus is a fantastic option since it contains protein and fibre, especially when served with fresh vegetables as dippers.

Bonus: Chicken Wings

When it comes to portion control and recipe selection, chicken wings may be a bit challenging. Chicken wings are excellent for all kinds of parties and gatherings, even though there are a few aspects to take into account while feeding your guests.

What else pairs nicely with grilled chicken if chicken wings aren’t your main course? Here are some of our most recommended side dishes, toppings, and dips to go with your party wings:

  • Hot Sauce
  • Chili and Soy Sauce
  • Ranch Dip
  • Pulled Pork
  • Pulled or Burnt End Brisket
  • BBQ sauce
  • French Fries

Why Choose Healthy Party Appetizers?

While most people try to eat healthily during the week, when the weekend or a holiday rolls around, we frequently resort to unhealthy foods, only to regret it in the days, weeks, or years to come.

However, things don’t have to be that way! It is feasible to produce excellent, light, nutritious party cuisine. But why would one choose to offer healthy snacks and such for their parties? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Children – If you’re having a family reunion, baby shower, Christmas party, or something similar, you are bound to have younger guests like kids and teens. Keeping your snacks safe for all ages could go a long way when you host a party.
  • Budget-friendly – Although healthy snacks don’t sound as appealing as a bag of chips, you could buy ingredients in bulk and still have enough to spare for second servings or even for your own household.
  • Efficient – Healthy snacks are not only cheap in the long run, but they are also efficient. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to find them in the market or even in grocery stores.
  • Uniqueness – As mentioned before, parties and other similar gatherings often offer soda, chips, alcohol, fried food, and the like. That said, it’s not too common to have healthy snacks. Your friends and family might be more interested in attending when they find out what’s on the menu.
  • Health – Healthy snacks are beneficial overall. Anyone with health issues would not have any worries about what you feed them. It’s suitable for a youngster’s physical development and growth. You’re pretty much giving your guests a healthcare diet.

A lovely gathering is always appreciated, but planning and hosting one may take a lot of work. So you need to plan to provide your visitors with healthful meals. Whatever your dietary restrictions or culinary preferences, you’re sure to discover new dishes on this list that you’ll want to prepare for your upcoming event.