5 Stylish Accessories Every Girl Should Have In 2022

In 2022, eclecticism has come in the world of fashion accessories. Expensive jewelry can be combined with classic or original design clothes to make it modern and stylish. The stylist and experts of fashion accessories stores talked about 2022’s fashion trend and how to choose stylish jewelry. It has become necessary to have at least two or three fashion accessories to stay in fashion trend. In this article, we have shared experts recommended jewelry/accessory to wear in 2022 trend.

How To Choose Stylish Jewelry

1. String of Pearls

Trend jewelry 2022 starts with pearls, which are on par with red lipstick or a little black dress. Pearls will appear in different shapes, shades and combinations, but will not go out of style. If you do not know what to choose, take pearls. By the way, one of the heroines of the recent continuation of the Sex and the City series, after leaving the hospital, chooses pearls for her image.

If pearls are still associated with grandmother’s beads, take note that they can be handled quite freely. The classic white pearl thread can be combined not only with threads of other shades, but also with massive gold or silver chains.

A separate trend of 2022 is to dilute pearls with “candy” beads resembling a Montpensier. They can alternate with pearls through one, two or three beads, or they can complement a necklace or bracelet in the form of small charms.

2. Necklace Or Ring In ANaive Style

In 2022, naive, “childish” style has captured the most famous fashion houses. Dior showed several rings at once, similar to multi-colored curly caramel. Other brands are also not far behind. Multi-colored figurines of butterflies, dolphins, tigers and other animals, candy beads, crystal beads, emoticons and decorations made of multi-colored beads – these are no longer considered children’s trinkets.

The main rule of jewelry in a naive style is that they should look neat. Do not wear accessories where cuts and tails of plastic, scratches, paint peeling off the fittings are visible.

3. Shoulder Or Cuff Bracelet

Last year we learned how to wear an ankle bracelet, and now we are being asked to try it on our shoulder as well. Such jewelry can become a hit of spring-summer 2022. As with ordinary bracelets, there are a million options. You can find a minimalistic metal spiral bracelet, like Tory Burch, an exquisite rhinestone vignette, like Blumarine, or a brutal leather mini-belt, like Prada.

Moreover, such bracelets do not have to be worn on a bare hand. They can be combined with a shirt, turtleneck or knitted dress: they will also have a place in the autumn-winter wardrobe. By the way, classic bracelets are now easily put on over clothes and even over gloves. Now massive bracelets are in trend, which will become the main focus of the image.

4. Volumetric Earrings

If minimalism was in trend last year, this year the designers decided to take revenge. Like bracelets, earrings take on a royal dimension. Massive rings, rhinestones, fringe, original shapes are welcome. A pair of these earrings should be with you, in your purse. You go to work, buttoning up your shirt and putting on a set of classic pearl studs, and then, when you are going to meet with friends or a date, just unbutton your shirt a little, let your hair down, put on voluminous earrings – and the fatal look is ready.

5. Chain Waist

In the designer collections of 2022, the waist chain appeared in combination with a straight black skirt. This is a universal option that will emphasize a slender figure in the office and at a secular exit.

ut there are other winning combinations: a chain, or, as it is also called, a waist necklace, a body chain, can be combined with tops, tight dresses and turtlenecks. It can be hung from the belt, complement the dress with a cutout and almost any jumpsuit. Experiment and remember that even if the latest trends are not to your liking, pearls and laconic basic jewelry will come to the rescue.