6 Myths About Face Washing you Should Know

One of the most important things in facial skin care is washing. However, there are some misconceptions that prevent us from performing this procedure correctly. Feeling constant stress on the skin can cause frustration and loss of self-esteem, but if you buy exfoliate face wash, it is possible to alleviate discomfort.Furthermorehere are 6 myths about washing your face.

Myth number 1: washing your face with just water is enough

Beauticians and dermatologists indicate that before washing, be sure to remove makeup with special cleaning products. And then wash with foam or cleansing gel, depending on the type of skin.

Myth # 2: Hot water opens pores and cold water closes them.

Most girls are wrong to think that the temperature of the water affects the condition of their skin.Experts say that pores cannot be opened and closed, as there are no muscles in them. Also, girls should not wash with hot water, as excessive heat on the face can lead to dryness or excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, the ideal wash is with lukewarm water.

One of the greatest benefits of washing your face with cold water is that it activates circulation and helps prevent acne.However, using water at a low temperature can cause the face to dry out.If what we are looking for is to remove facial dirt, using cold water is not the recommended option, since what we will achieve is that the dirt hardens and cannot be easily removed.

It is interesting to note that with hot water the dirt is removed more easily.However, hot water causes increased sebum production and pores become clogged.For this reason and because its use can cause the skin to become irritated, experts do not recommend its use in facial cleansing.

Myth number 3: After cleaning you should not rinse your face with water

Many women make the mistake of not removing the cleaning product well during their washing.By not removing the cleanser or soap from your face well with water, its particles will remain on the skin and can cause blackheads. After each cleaning, it is necessary to wash well with water, even several times, paying special attention to the chin, nose and hairline.

Myth number 4: After washing you need to dry your skin thoroughly with a towel

After washing, do not rub the skin with a facial towel.Rubbing the skin with a damp towel should not be done, as it can adversely affect elasticity. After washing, you should gently wipe your skin with your towel without rubbing it excessively.

Myth number 5: After washing you should not apply anything else

After cleaning your facial skin you need to apply moisturizing creams.After the basic cleansing of the facial skin, I can apply a toner according to your skin type and then apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. By the way, moist skin better accepts moisturizing actives and therapeutic agents.

Myth number 6: You need to spend a lot of money to care for facial skin

Skin care does not require large financial costs.In order to correctly carry out your face washing procedure, you do not need to spend a lot of money, you can even use homemade products which would save you a lot of money.

Having constantly irritated skin can be extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. Broadly speaking, sensitive skin is one that develops irritation (such as itching, burning or redness) as a reaction to certain substances or environmental factors.

4 Mistakes you make when Washing your Face

Performing this common practice wrong can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes and impurities.

Washing your face is one of the most common daily routines, but we often make mistakes even in the most common practices. According to various websites specialized in skin care and beauty treatments, there are four common mistakes when washing your face that can affect the health of your facial skin. You never know when you might end up in a commercial or visiting the peopletv cast and want to look your best.

In this way, doing this common practice wrong can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes and impurities. Therefore, the following steps should be avoided:

  1. Use soap: Soap dries out the skin and dryness favors the appearance of wrinkles, so it is best to use a special cleanser or a homemade and natural formula such as a mixture of milk and yogurt.
  2. Use very hot water: Excessively hot water dries out the skin, so the most recommended is a cold shower that serves to hydrate and clean properly.
  3. Wash your face three times a day: Experts recommend only one wash, or, at most, two a day. Excess water and cleaning products can cause the appearance of impurities on the face.
  4. Exfoliate the face several times a week: Exfoliation, a deeper cleansing of the facial skin with specific products, has become an increasingly common practice. However, experts recommend practicing it only once a week, since doing it more times would irritate the skin.