6 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining in Summer

The warmer weather has finally started to creep its way into the world. Those few days of warmth and sunshine have begun to poke through, signalling the end to the cold of the disappearing winter.

Those warm Australian days of family barbecues, fun at the beach and entertaining friends and festivities are nearly upon us, so what are some of the best ways to entertain outdoors, especially in the often-blistering Australian heat?

Well, have no worries, from investing in outdoor furniture to keeping your food clear of pests, here are my six tips for making your outdoor entertaining in summer delightful and free of any pests that shouldn’t be on the guest list.

Bring the cooking outdoors

A great way to bring more flow and freedom to your outdoor entertainment area is to extend the cooking space outdoors with an outdoor kitchen bbq.

With everything from an extra sink space for cleaning up to an extra bar fridge to keep the drinks cold, having an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to expand your living space and bring the indoors out into the open.

Invest in some decent outdoor furniture

Especially these days, if you want to make your backyard area inviting and more like an extension of the indoor space, then it is a reasonable decision to acquire some proper outdoor furniture.

Make sure it is hardy, even in a shaded area, as your furniture will become exposed to the natural elements and can still run the risk of weathering and ageing much faster than your indoor decor.

Lighten up the night

If you are someone who likes to do a little bit of evening entertainment, be prepared to get some outside lights installed.

From the classic and magical coloured fairy lights to those of mood lighting, whether simple or more transcendent, you can set an aesthetic that gives off a welcoming and pleasant vibe.

It also helps to create a more communal and safe space, whether this is through lighting on the deck or around a pool.

Welcome guests, bar pests

When entertaining friends in summer, how many of us have had to deal with the mosquitoes and occasional wasps nest?

These certain types of pests, including ants, can be a pain to outdoor entertaining if they’re not kept under control.

One of the best ways is to plant certain flowering plants in your yard that detract from pesky bugs.

The best types are also those that are pleasant to our senses, which can help make it inviting for guests. These include lavender, marigold and citronella.

Herbs used for cooking, such as basil, rosemary and sage also deter mosquitoes and flies, so keep them near the barbecue.

Set up shade for outdoor dining

When laying out food and tables for entertaining, make sure to lay them out in a shaded space, especially if doing a buffet of different dishes.

This is because many dishes don’t do well with being under direct light.

Furthermore, make sure you plan out your space so that you know whether it is relaxed or a more formal setting.

Set up some summer necessities

When dealing with entertaining family and friends during summer, particularly in Melbourne, it can be a wise idea to put out a container or set up a station with necessary items to keep the party going while being out in the elements.

This can include items such as sunscreen and bug repellent spray, as this can help to detract the mosquitoes and the heat of the harsh Australian sun from shortening the length of the party.


Therefore, as you settle in for the party season, I hope I have given you some good and reasonable tips on how to extend your summer gatherings and make them a time that you can all enjoy.

Cheers and party on readers!