6 Tips to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Resume

Now that you know the importance and main benefits of marketing to help in the crisis, it is time to re-evaluate your hotel’s digital marketing strategy in order to adapt it to recovery. To help you, we’ve put together 6 tips that will help your hotel not only survive the downturn, but thrive after it. Check out!

1. Build A Good Image

It may seem counterintuitive to continue investing in actions aimed at promoting your brand in times of crisis, but that’s where you go wrong. Keeping the budget in actions focused on the brand of the company reminds you even in times of market downturn.

First, seek to analyze all the possible problems that your customers face and try to understand their preferences. Based on this information, define small niches and create communication focused on them. Successful responses want transparent and honest proactive communication, with clear articulation about what has happened, what has been done, and promises about future action to be taken.

This strategy helps your brand to be visible through relevant content, in order to inform, understand, teach and solve problems.

2. Measurement of Results

Measuring results will often help directly with profit optimization. Thus, all stocks must be rigorously analyzed, in order to understand if it is a good time to invest in certain stocks or if it is better to wait for another time, take advantage through request form templates. In addition to helping to understand the result of operations already carried out.

3. Take Care of your Customer Base

Regular guests with good previous experiences will be a more assertive channel for generating demand, as well as being a more profitable action.

Small loyalty strategies such as a promotion or a new service can make your client think twice before changing their hotel for the competitor’s, which can even be cheaper, for the simple fact of a relationship of trust with their company.

By making a call or shooting a personalized email, you can guarantee a new prescription with an old customer.

4. Be Innovative

There is no use always hitting the same key. At this time you have to exceed expectations. Either in the form of communication with the client or offering services that makes the experience unique.

It is necessary for your hotel to adopt innovative campaigns and actions that have served to contribute to comfort, satisfaction and practicality. These innovations not only can but must be adapted to the post-crisis scenario, enhancing its possibilities of attracting new customers and standing out in this competitive market. .

5. Find specialized Labor

Managing all the day-to-day tasks of the hotel is a challenge. In addition to the concern for the attention and satisfaction of the guests, it is necessary to manage reservations, organize check-ins and checkouts, deal with unforeseen events and situations that arise when you least expect them and still be innovative. But you don’t have to do all of this alone.

An excellent option would be the outsourcing of a specialized marketing workforce. But don’t worry, if you are already seeing this action in a negative light (it is more of an expense!)

You have to understand how beneficial this can be for your hotel. After all, it is better to invest in a skilled workforce than to spend a lot on projects that do not generate results.

If you still have doubts about whether this investment pays or not, you should be aware that when the crisis passes, your competitors may be in front of you simply because they have known how to act while you gave up too soon.

6. Photography

High quality content plays a fundamental role in the choice of the host, agencies, company or operator. Keep uploaded at least 20 general photos in high resolution, complete description of the rooms and property, services, amenities etc. Also, don’t forget to upload at least 3 (three) different photos for each room, including one of the bathroom.