80’s Party

This weekend we had an 80’s party and I LOVED planning this because I do love the 80’s!

When guests got to the front door they were greeted with this sign.


I made a totally 80’s backdrop to take pictures of everyone in their 80’s gear.  That’s probably the only time that I will EVER use foil tinsel.


I made signs with sayings from the 80’s all around the house.  Some of them were:

Where’s the Beef; Gnarly; Gag Me with a Spoon; Who Killed JR


The table was decorated with memorabilia from the 80’s.  I had a record player with pop rocks, candy necklaces and ring pops on it.  There were Uno cards, old cassette tapes and even my old skates from way back when….

The yellow paper is a list of “You Know You Remember the 80’s When…”



The Pac Man cake…


I hung cassette tapes (got this idea from Kara) from the chandelier.  I also hung candy necklaces, glow sticks and glow bracelets with the tapes.


Now onto the food and drinks…

I made a bowl out of an old record and used it to serve chips in.


I made signs for all of the food that related to an 80’s movie, song or memorabilia.  Some of them were Like a Virgin Drinks;  Mystic Pizza Rolls and Three Amigos Salsa.



I even tried to keep our guest bathroom with the theme.  I had Aqua Net hairspray and pink glitter hair spray set out on the counter.  You know you have to keep your hair BIG!!!  Look at the note I had on the wall…..


Lastly, here is a glimpse of what my husband and I looked like.  It was actually a little scary how much I really looked like I did back then!


It was Gnarly!!!