9 Best Birthday Video Maker Online

In modern times, videos are the best way to capture memories. They speak a lot more than conventional photos and are a wonderful way of relieving happy moments from the past. One’s birthday is an important day of the year which is often made special by the involvement of friends and family members. Most people capture such moments on their smartphones. With online video-making tools, it is plausible to weave such clips into gripping stories.

While you can use any video editor tool to create such a video, only a few video editors offer dedicated birthday video templates. In this article, we will explore the top nine video-making tools that you can leverage while creating birthday videos.


InVideo has an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of birthday video creation. The tool has over 4000 templates, and you can easily pick one that is suitable for your birthday video. The intelligent video assistant feature of InVideo checks your edited content for alignment flaws, improper layout, animation speed, etc. Based on your editing, the tool suggests improvements.

InVideo lets you access all its features in the free version. The birthday videos created with the free version will have watermarks, and you can upgrade to paid plans to remove them. The Birthday Video Maker has an intuitive interface, and there are several tutorials to guide you through the tool. It has a dedicated 24 X 7 chat support to guide you in the video-making journey.


Animoto is one of the best home video-making websites and is used by over 13 million people. It has several intuitive features that simplify the process of birthday video creation. You must pick your editing style, background music, texts, and other personalization techniques.

The tool is simple to use, and you do not need prior experience in video editing. Animoto is integrated with video-sharing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and you can upload your edited birthday videos on any social sharing platform. Animoto also comes with iOS and Android applications, making it a convenient option for editing videos in a jiffy.


If you are looking to create intimate birthday videos for your family, Animaker is a fine tool. The drag-and-drop interface of Animaker makes it easy for you to add pictorial elements to your selected template.

You can easily edit the titles, add special effects, images, and GIFS. With Animaker, it is simple for you to add music and other visual props to your birthday video. With Animaker, you can share the edited video directly on your YouTube channel, without downloading it to your device.


Renderforest lets you create birthday greetings cards, videos, and slideshows for your peers. There is a huge library of animation templates and stock images for you to choose from. If you wish to add music to your birthday videos, Renderforest offers you several options.

You can upload self-composed music, voiceovers or choose from Renderforest’s media library.  The wide collection of birthday video templates makes it worth the effort of signing up for this tool. Another advantage of this tool is that you can pay per export instead of signing up for monthly or annual packs.


If your video editing needs are basic and you need an online tool to create a simple birthday video, then you can opt for Picovico. The tool lets you decide on a video style before uploading your media clips. You can then add music, stickers, and other content to polish the birthday video. While you can sign up for free and use the tool, you must pay $9.99 to remove the watermark from your edited content.


If you want to edit videos from a simple website without having to download any application on your device, Smilebox is a viable option. Here, you will find several slideshow designs to choose from while creating your birthday video content.

You can then add relevant clips, photos, and music. Depending on the type of birthday video, you can add text overlays and give them a personal touch. Smilebox is integrated with Facebook. This makes it easier for you to share your birthday videos with your friends and family.


WeVideo is an extremely versatile editing tool that you can use to create basic as well as advanced birthday videos. Depending on your editing proficiency, you can choose the detailing. Advanced features include green screen features, fast motion, slow motion, graphic transitions, and a lot more.

Here, you can either save your edited video on your hard disk or choose to upload it on the cloud. That way, all the changes are saved in real-time, and you can edit a video from multiple devices. This is an advantage for people who want complete control over the look and style of the birthday videos.


Wideo is the preferred animation tool for novice video editors. Here, you need to upload the audio, images, video clips, and textual content. The tool automatically animates the objects and makes them into HD clips. That way, kids can create birthday videos for their friends and wish them digitally. In the modern days of COVID-induced social distancing, this is a boon for kids who are missing their playmates.

Wideo is an ideal choice for creating animated videos for your kid’s themed birthday party. Wideo respects your privacy and gives you complete control over the video. That way, you decide who gets to view your video content.


If your birthday video editing needs are basic, Kizoa is the best option. This is a free tool that is extremely simple to use and lets you create video content in no time. Kizoa has built-in wedding photos, kids’ photos, and animated backgrounds that you can use for your videos. There are intros and outro templates that will give your birthday videos a unique touch. The wide array of transition effects will improve the visual appeal of your updated clips.

Thus, there are ample options for video editing tools for birthday videos.  You an even do event videos so when you get those Purple Reign discount tickets and have a great time you can create a lasting memories video. Depending on your personal choice, make a pick from the list above and create videos to impress your peers.