Angelina Ballerina Party

This past weekend was my daughter’s 5th birthday. She requested an Angelina Ballerina party, which was very easy for me (since I teach dance too).

For those of you who are not familiar with Angelina, she is a dancing mouse.

The party was PINK, FRILLY and FUN!!!

I hung boas and paper lanterns from the chandelier with a cut out of Angelina Ballerina.


Every year for my girls’ birthdays, I set out a special birthday book for everyone to sign.  They can leave a birthday note or a special memory from the past year.  I then write a special note to them recapping all the special events and milestones they had that year.  I am saving all of the books to give them when they are older.  I also had a ballet frame with her 1st dance recital picture and her ballet shoes set out on the table.  You can also see the invitation that I made for her.  It was designed as a ticket for a show.



The cake was specially made for her and she LOVED it!


I made tutus for all of the girls to wear when they arrived at the party.  I set them out on the table and also attached them to the tulle on the chairs.


Here is a close up of the chairs with tulle and tutus.


I hung a banner of pictures from the past year on the mantel.  The party favors were set out under the banner.


The party favors were pink bags with hair bows, lipstick and a ribbon wand that I made.  All the girls also got to take their tutu with them.


After all the girls got their tutus on, they went to the dressing area to get their nails painted, lipstick on and put glitter lotion on.


What sweet little hands….


After this, the girls learned a short ballet dance and then we all did fun dances that everyone knew like the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance.  After dancing time, the girls went outside to enjoy the Angelina Ballerina piñata.


I had some snacks set out for everyone during the party.  The food consisted of pink marshmallows on sticks; pink Whoppers; a pineapple cheese spread; white chocolate strawberries; sprinkled pretzels; a fruit bowl and cubed cheese.


Even the strawberry platter had a tutu on it.  I attached tulle and ribbon to it to dress it up like a tutu.


I served pink lemonade and water.


I made Angelina Ballerina labels with for all of the water bottles.


Here is the birthday girl wearing her tutu and birthday shirt that I made for her.


One more with her sisters…


It was a lot of fun to see all of the girls running around in their tutus and everyone seemed to enjoy the party.