“Berry Fabulous” Baby Shower

Here is a “Berry Fabulous” baby shower from Kojo designs with what else….BERRIES!  I have done a pancake bar before but I love the waffle bar that they did!
palette: blue, hot pink and red
invites: dotted with bunches of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries of course
Sourdough waffle bar with assorted syrups, chocolate sauce, baskets of berries, peanut butter and shredded coconut
Strawberry rhubarb mini pies
Cupcakes with a cherry motif (I wish I would’ve gotten pictures of these… they were darn cute)
Lemon bars with blueberry garnish
Blueberry scones
Berries with chocolate and cream dipping sauces
Assorted cheeses and crackers
Breakfast casserole
drink bar:
Limeade Bar with iced tea for mixing and blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and raspberry add-ins
Italian Soda Bar featuring Starbucks raspberry and dark cherry syrups
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Iced Lattes
Blueberry Sangria (there was a virgin version for the many prego’s in attendance)
Pom poms (including stacked pink-and-green ones made to mimic berries)
Gift card wreath (same as the tea wreath, but people pinned their shower gifts onto this one)
It’s A Boy! and It’s a Girl! paint chip banners
Berries– We used the berry motifs from the invites on signs, banners, etc. and cherry fabric as an accent
Miniature jars of Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves tied off with cherry pom poms