25 Best Gifts For Girls

Birthdays happen just once a year, so take the time to spoil the birthday girl with gifts she will love and use for weeks after! It doesn’t matter if that special woman is a sister, mother, or spouse, there are some gifts that are great to give for all females. Here are a few ideas to get you started shopping for the birthday princess.

25 Best Birthday Gifts for Girls Reviewed

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Large Phone Cross Body Bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Large Phone Cross Body Bag

A purse is one item that a girl can have multiple of and still need more. Purses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to match various outfits and occasions. This unique and high-quality purse is very versatile and is a great accessory to complete any outfit.

This small purse comes in five different colors ranging from a pink floral pattern to a neutral tan. Each bag is made with saffiano leather with gold-toned hardware. Leather lines the interior of the bags for a beautiful and high-quality finish.

The bags measure 7 inches long by 5 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. The purse has a strap with an adjustable drop that ranges from 23 inches to 25 inches. This strap can be removed for the purse to be used as a regular wallet.

There are many pockets and ways to organize your belongings inside the purse. The purse has one zippered pocket on one side of the bag and five card holders on the other. In the center, there is a cell phone pocket. The outside of the purse has an exterior slit pocket. The purse seals with a snap closure.


  • Very high-quality, real leather.
  • The purse can fit most regular smartphones.
  • The strap is adjustable.


  • It is too small to be used as a regular carry purse.

2. Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

What better way to encourage that woman in your life than to present her with this book of inspiring women. It is entitled Women in Science and is written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky. It is a great way to help inspire women in their own fields of change.

This book contains stories of fifty different women who were pioneers in their areas. These women changed the world through their work.  The book became a New  York Times bestseller. The stories cover women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The women covered include Jane Goodall and Katherine Johnson, as well as so many other strong and brave women who shaped our world today.

The book not only tells the story of these amazing women but, it also provides beautiful illustrations to complement the stories. It also talks about lab equipment as well as rates for women. The end of the book contains an illustrated scientific glossary. The book has 128 pages and comes in hardcover.


  • This book is a great way to encourage the women in your life.
  • It comes in hardcover for more durability.


  • There are some factual errors in some of the stories.
  • The book may not be appropriate for younger girls due to adult content and controversial topics.

3. Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Jewelry is always a great gift idea for that special female in your life. Now you can take the gift of jewelry a step further by gifting this Tree of Life diffuser necklace by mEssentials which combines the beauty of jewelry with the relaxing components of aromatherapy. You are telling that special birthday girl that not only care about her, but you also care about her well-being.

The necklace is made from beautiful stainless steel. The hypoallergenic, stainless steel is surgical grade and is 316L. The pendant is a circular locket design with a decorative tree reflecting the invigorating virtues of the necklace, styled on the front of the pendant with gaps so that the bright colors of the scents shine through. The chain is a 24-inch chain, hanging gracefully at a medium height that can be worn over a shirt without it falling side a collar.

The necklace comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box along with four essential oils. The oils are lavender, peppermint, Inner Calm, and Zen. The Inner Calm scent consists of hints of Geranium, Clove Bud, Patchouli, Lavender, and Orange. The Zen includes Anise, lime, Orange, Patchouli, and clove bud. The oils are made from 100% natural aromatherapy oils.

The necklace also comes with refill fragrance pads for holding the oils while in the necklace. A strong magnetic clasp keeps the oils securely inside the necklace so the wearer can enjoy the scents all day without worrying about spills or leakage.


  • This is a practical piece of jewelry.
  • There are multiple different scents included.
  • The oils are pure oils.


  • The chain is not very good quality and should be replaced.

4. Not a Day over Fabulous | Birthday Wine Glass

Not a Day over Fabulous | Birthday Wine Glass

You can remind the birthday girl that she is still fabulous no matter what age she is turning through this humorous wine tumbler. A girl needs her glass of wine. Now, she can take it with her on the go. This gift can also be used to hold any hot or cold drink, it is not just for the wine connoisseur.

The wine tumbler is made from stainless steel. It has a vacuum insulated, double wall to help maintain the temperature of your drink. The entire cup is BPA free with a sweat-free exterior for safe and clean transportation. Even if you drop the cup, no need to worry about it shattering like an ordinary wine glass. Hand-washing is recommended.

The cup is 4.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide. It can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite liquid inside. It can hold both cold and hot drinks. The cup comes in a variety of colors and great birthday designs. You can gift that special woman a turquoise cup with the saying “Not a Day over Fabulous.” Or you can gift a cup recognizing her specific birthday. There are also cups available with saying for specific jobs. All cups come with a powder coating and a clear lid on top to make traveling easier.


  • There are multiple different styles available.
  • The cup can be used for hot and cold drinks.


  • The cup needs to be hand washed.
  • The spout is not covered.

5. GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow

GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow

Most women enjoy having a long bubble bath to relax after a long day at work. Now you can make that bath even more relaxing through this extra strength bath pillow, she can just attach it to the back of any tub and sink back into it for a comfortable spa session.

The pillow measures 13 inches wide by 15 inches high. It is 4 inches thick. The pillow has six suction cups on the back that ensure the pillow stays securely fastened to the back of the tub, even when you move around.

The pillow has two unique parts that help provide the ultimate comfort. The bottom of the pillow cushions the top of the back. The top of the pillow has a round neck support so you can lean your head back without feeling the cold porcelain if the tub.

This pillow is easy to keep clean. It is machine washable so that you can be sure it is always fresh for each new use. The mesh exterior gives it the ability to be fast drying and can air dry between uses. The anti-bacterial material helps prevent mold and smells from accumulating when wet. The bath pillow comes with a free bath puff.


  • This brand of bath pillow has more suction cups than most for more security.
  • There are two portions for better contour to your body.
  • The pillow is extra thick.
  • It can be machine washed.


  • The material is thinner and may rip easily.

6. Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Drinking water is a very healthy habit to promote, but now you can add a special twist. This fruit infuser from Brimma will take the birthday girl’s regular drinking habits from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hydration is very important for people’s health. Most people use the saying that they should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water in a day, which makes a total of 64 ounces. Others say you should drink half your body weight in water each day for the best health, which would increase the amount consumed. Drinking cup after cup of water can be both cumbersome to refill and bland to drink. This fruit-infused adds more flavor and a little extra health to each sip. The water bottle also means fewer trips to the tap for refills. Two full water bottles fulfill the eight by eight rule.

This water bottle can hold 32 ounces of liquid. It is made from high-quality Eatman Tritan plastic. This plastic is both 100% BPA free and shatterproof. The water bottle can be washed on the top rack if the dishwasher.

The water bottle is also leak proof. This makes it convenient for both home, work, and gym use. It has an easy to use lid with a smart leak-proof design. The lid also locks securely between uses for extra security.

The bottle also has a convenient carry handle. Rubber side grips make it comfortable and secure when you grab the water bottle so you don’t need to fear dropping it. To use the fruit infuser, all you have to do is fill the center console with your favorite fruits for the most delicious and always changing flavored water with fresh and healthy flavors.


  • The water bottle helps promote healthy habits.
  • It is made from strong, leak-proof materials.


  • The plastic is not completely shatterproof as it is advertised.

7. Otium Wireless Earbuds for Women

Otium Wireless Earbuds for Women

This sleek pair of Bluetooth headphones makes a great gift for that special female in your life. They are flexible for everyday wear to hear your favorite sounds as well as being durable enough to be worn during daily exercises.

This device allows for hands-free listening. This headphone device works very well for athletic activities. It is water-resistant, so your sweat will not hurt the headset. It can also survive the movements associated with jogging. It will remain securely on your neck during athletic activities.

The headset works on Bluetooth 5.1 technology giving you the best sound, especially the bass. It produces extra clear sound both in high and low volume. It can connect to most devices that have Bluetooth enabled. This headset will allow you to use the headphones to listen to music as well as answer calls. When fully charged, this headphone works 10 hours of straight playing music. And it only needs 1.5 hours to fully charge. This comes in four different sizes: XS, S, M, L and includes one optional wire clip and silicon earhooks for utmost comfortability.


  • There are controls on the headset for controlling your music.
  • It connects wirelessly to your mobile devices.
  • Superfast charging


  • The earbuds do not always have a long lifespan before one goes out before the other.

8. Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. While any jewelry gift can be a special and personal gift, diamonds are known for being classic and timeless. They add elegance to all outfits. They are also versatile to wear to a casual day at the office as well as a formal dinner at a five-star restaurant. This beautiful pair of Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings would be a stunning addition to any girl’s accessory wardrobe.

The earrings are a pair of silver-colored heart earrings. They have a straight post with a push backing to keep the earring in place. They dangle down just 1.26 inches and end in a beautiful twisted heart on each earring. The sides of the heart are lined with tiny diamonds. The earrings are made from sterling silver. The diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process. This means that all diamonds are conflict-free.


  • The diamonds are conflict-free.
  • They are a more affordable pair of quality earrings.


  • The diamonds are rather small.

9. Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass Meal Prep Containers

Packing lunches is a great way to save on time and money. You can prepare your meals ahead of time and pack just the right amount for a nutritious and filling meal. Meal prepping is becoming increasingly more popular and there are now hundreds of meal prep ideas for both packed lunches and just meal prepping at home. This practical set of glass meal prep containers are a great way to aid that girl in your life with her meal prepping while also helping the environment by reducing plastic waste from plastic food prep containers.

There are many toxins that can be found in plastics. This can be especially disheartening when thinking about the number of plastics that your food comes in contact with on a daily basis. You can help cut back on these toxins by switching to glass containers. Glass also is better for the environment instead of plastics that do not decompose. This set of glass meal prep containers are sure to be a hit with any female. The best part is that they are BPA free.

This set comes with five containers. Each container holds up to 30 ounces of items. They all have airtight lids that will help keep your food fresher for longer.  The lids have a smartest lock locking system that will keep the lids even more securely fastened on your containers. This is great for if you bring your meals to work. The smart lock lids will ensure the lids do not pop off in the middle of work and make a mess. Instead, your food will remain nicely contained in the glass containers. On top of being securely locked, the lids are also leakproof so your food with also not drip out.

These containers are great for either preparing food ahead of time for meals or storing left overs. Their size also makes them great for portion controlling so you can be sure to keep the healthiest diet possible. The containers measure 6.5 inches by 4.75 inches by 2 inches. They are both save to use in the microwave and also the oven. They can also be frozen in the freezer, just be sure to remove the lids before hand. They are dishwasher safe, though the lids should only be washed on the top rack to ensure they do not warp and will continue fitting snuggly without leaking.


  • The containers are a healthier alternative to plastic.
  • They can be put in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven.
  • The lids are leakproof and seal securely.


  • The lids do not have as long of a lifespan as the containers do.

10. Lifewit Insulated Lunch Box Lunch Bag for Adults

Lifewit Insulated Lunch Box Lunch Bag for Adults

The containers to hold the food are not the only piece needed when packing lunch for work or another occasion. You will also need a bag to carry the items in. This is where lunch bags come in. Lunch bags are specially designed bags that are large enough to hold a variety of food items as well as insulated enough to keep those food items at the desired temperature. This bag is flexible enough to use for multiple occasions whether work, school, or simply a picnic outside.

This lunch bag comes in four different colors. It is made from a 1680D water-resistant and dirt-proof Oxford fabric. This makes it both durable and helps aid in its waterproofing. This fabric is also very easy to clean if you do happen to spill food inside of it. Inside of the bag is a lining made from food grade PEVA foil. It is then padded with EPE foam that is 5mm thick for the best insulation and thermal resistance. In total, the bag measures 9 inches by 5.9 inches by 9.8 inches. There is a carry -handle on the top as well as a removable shoulder strap to make it easier to carry for longer distances or hands-free.

The bag has a capacity of up to 7 liters. Inside the bag, there is a dual compartment to help with an additional organization to keep your food items separate. The compartments are arranged in a double-decked type of design. The top of the bag has a slightly larger compartment while the bottom of the bag can easily slip in a food preparation container. This design is also ideal for storing both hot and cold items in the bag without mixing them. The bag comes with one blue ice pack to help keep food items cooler. You may want to consider purchasing extra ice packs if you would like to extend the life of the coolness.


  • This bag has two compartments.
  • It is leakproof and well insulated.
  • The fabric is easy to clean.


  • You will most likely need additional cold packs to keep your food cooler longer.

11. LA JOLIE MUSE White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

LA JOLIE MUSE White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

Gifting a bouquet of flowers to a girl for her birthday is traditional and sweet. Unfortunately, flowers do not live forever. If you would still like to carry on that tradition but give a more long-lasting twist than you can gift your next bouquet in a flower pot so that she can enjoy the flowers for longer and have the stunning flower pots for years to come to reuse for other flowers.

This set includes two beautiful ceramic planters. The larger planter measures 6.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It is a ceramic, white planter with a gray bottom. A gold inlay wraps around the center of the planter. The planter has a smooth, round appearance. This planter is ideal for small trees or bush plants.

The smaller planter measures 5.4 inches wide and 5.1 inches high. It is also white but has a solid gold bottom to coordinate with the larger gray planter. Instead of being a smooth round planter, this planter is an octagon. This planter is ideal for smaller flowers or a succulent.

These planters are flexible in their use. They are suitable for both the out of doors and for indoors. They do not have a draining hold. This allows the planters to be used as they are without having to purchase a tray underneath. This is ideal for cutting back on water spillage from the tray being exposed, as well as allowing for people to better admire the beautiful pots.


  • The planters come in two sizes and colors.
  • They can be used outside and inside.


  • The material is not as strong as some other planters.
  • The lack of drainage hole can make it more difficult to keep plants alive.

12. Elegant Designs LF2002-RBZ 3 Light Floor Lamp with Scalloped Glass Shades

Elegant Designs LF2002-RBZ 3 Light Floor Lamp with Scalloped Glass Shades

One way to let someone know just how much they light up your life is to gift them an actual lamp. While that pun may be cheesy, the gift is far from cheesy. It is a very practical item that she may not have been willing to invest in herself. There are many cheaper lamps out there, but none with as much style as well as the flexibility of use. This lamp by elegant Designs will be a perfect addition to any room’s décor.

This lamp measures 13 inches long by 21.5 inches wide by 71 inches tall. It features three different lamp sections. The top of the lamp is an upside-down lamp shade that is designed to disperse light all through a room. Down the stem of the lamp are two smaller lamps. These smaller lamps have adjustable stems which allow you to point them in whichever direction is most needed. They work well for work lamps or reading lamps and can illuminate a specific area. The larger light uses a 100-watt medium base type bulb. the two smaller lamps require 60-watt type medium base bulbs. These bulbs are not included with the original lamp purchase and should be purchased separately.

The lamp is a stunning bronze color. It has champagne scalloped glass shades on all three of the lamp sections. Each lampshade has a unique swirled design. The top lampshade is held in place by a decorate leaf patterned base. The entire lamp is made from metal except for the glass shades. In total, it weighs about 8 pounds, making it light enough to move, but heavy enough to not be easily knocked over.


  • This lamp has three different sections for the best lighting.
  • It has a fashionable design.
  • It is very sturdy and does not knock over easily.


  • The lamp does not come with light bulbs.
  • The switch is near the top of the lamp, making it difficult to turn on and off manually.

13. Wonder4 Geography Theme Throw Pillow Covers

Wonder4 Geography Theme Throw Pillow Covers

Birthdays are a great time to receive gifts that will help spruce up home with new and fresh décor. If the birthday girl loves to travel or learn about different cultures, then this beautiful set of geography theme throw pillows by Wonder4 are a great way to bring the world right into her own living room for her to visit each morning as she sits on her sofa with her cup of coffee.

This set of throw pillows come with four different pillow covers. The pillows are not included. This will allow her to choose her own pillow to fill the covers so that they are the perfect softness for her home. The covers each measure 18 inches by 18 inches. The pillows are handcrafted so the sizing may vary slightly from pillow to pillow.

Each pillow has its own travel themed image. The image is only printed on the front side. The back side of the pillowcases has a natural fabric color.  Two of the pillows have an antique map look with classic dulled colors representing sections of the world. One pillow has part of North and South America while the other has part of the Mediterranean. The maps are not in English, but rather other languages both old and new for an even more authentic feel.

The other two pillows are an off-white pillow cover with black compasses printed on the fronts. The one pillow has a traditional classic compass with the star interior surrounded by a circle and the four directions. The second pillow has a more modern take on the compass. It has just two arrows with the four directions printed between the arrows. The four pillows compliment each other well and can work in nearly any living room.

The pillowcases are made from 100% cotton.  There is an invisible zipper along the side that will hold in the pillow. Each pillowcase is both durable while still being breathable.


  • There are four different patterned pillowcases in the set.
  • The pillowcases have classic patterns that can complement most décor.
  • They are made from high-quality, breathable material.


  • The patterns are only printed on the front.
  • The pillows do not come with the cases.

14. Shhh, Almost, Now You May Speak- Funny Glass coffee Mug by SIGNALS

Shhh, Almost, Now You May Speak- Funny Glass coffee Mug by SIGNALS

Coffee and tea have become staples in many households. There are thousands of girls each morning who will admit that their day does not start until they have had their morning cup of liquid energy. If the birthday girl is one of these females then this gift is both a humorous and practical gift that will help her with this morning ritual.

This mug is sure to stand out from the regular ceramic mugs that can be purchased at most stores. This mug, instead of being a normal white mug, is a clear mug. The clear look of the mug adds a unique factor and extra class to the mug. It also allows her to see exactly how much she has left, or how much she has filled the mug. The mug can hold up to 13 ounces. It measures 3.25 inches in diameter and 3.75 inches high. It is made from glass that is sturdy enough to withstand the regular wear and tear of kitchen dishes. The handle is slightly curved for a comfortable grip on the mug while enjoying a morning brew. It is both microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It is also made in the USA, which means it is up to the standards of USA manufacturing.

This mug is sure to get a chuck from its humorous writing. The outside of the mug has three lines stacked on top of each other measuring the height of the cup. The top line is next to the word “SHHHH.” The second line is next to the word “ALMOST.” The lowest line is next to the phrase “NOW YOU MAY SPEAK.” These phrases perfectly represent most coffee drinker’s mentality as they are drinking their morning energy boost, and will be a relatable mug for those coffee drinkers. The print is on both sides, so no matter how it is picked up, those around will still get a good laugh from the mug.


  • It is made in the USA.
  • You can wash it in a dishwasher or put it in a microwave.
  • It has a humorous saying along with a classic glass look for a unique gift.


  • The words are printed, not engraved, so they may not last as long as an engraving would.

15. Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

If you are gifting the birthday girl the previously reviewed glass mug, you can also gift that coffee lover a coffee maker to go along as a perfect pair with the mug. If she only has a drip coffee maker or an old machine, then she may love the upgrade to a Keurig. The Keurig is a coffee maker that uses K-cups to quickly brew delicious and precise single cups of coffee. They are great for those with busy lifestyles or for those who really enjoy multiple cups of coffee a day.

The advantages of a Keurig over a traditional coffee maker is that a Keurig offers a more personalized experience as well as eliminates coffee waste. Since Keurig brews single cups, each person can choose their own specific coffee flavor K-cup. That means that one person can have decaf, another can use the tea K-cups, and another can use a regular K-cup. Each person can all have coffee at the same time, but their own flavors and types. With a Keurig, you will also only be brewing one cup at a time. This means no more brewing an entire pot and only drinking one or two cups and tossing the rest. Keurig helps you only use the amount you will drink. You can choose not only one cup but also the amount for each cup.

This Keurig has many features that make it easy to use and very convenient for each lifestyle. At you huddle down together for a cold February Valentine’s Day, you can do so with a warm cup of Keurig coffee in your hands that were brewed to perfection using their highly customizable system.

In the package, you will receive a Keurig machine. In addition, you will also receive four K-cup pods, a water filter handle, and two water filters. The water filters will help keep calc out of your machine as well as keep your coffee tasting fresh and clean. The entire machine measures about 10 inches by 13 inches with the top closed. When the top is open it comes to just above 17 inches tall. You will want to make sure when placing the Keurig to keep that in mind so you will have enough room to open the top and reach in to replace the K-cup.

There are three different cup sizes that can be brewed using the Keurig. You can either brew a 6-ounce cup, an 8-ounce cup, or a 10-ounce cup. Each of these sized K-cups fit in the Keurig as well. The 6-ounce brew is usually used for a small, strong cup of coffee, similar to what an espresso would give you. The 8 ounce is the most common size for a regular coffee mug. The 10 ounce is ideal for a travel thermos. Since this is one of the basic Keurigs, it does not have strong control like some of the more expensive versions of the Keurig.

The water reservoir can hold up to 48 ounces. This is large enough to handle multiple cups of coffee between refills. Be sure to clean this reservoir regularly to prevent mold from growing or the water from tasting stale. When it is time to clean or refill, the entire water take does remove from the machine, making this process easier. There are detailed instructions for descaling the entire machine. A build-up can occur from the regular running of water through the machine. Regular descaling helps to prevent this build-up. This descaling should be done every three to six months.

To save on energy, the machine has an auto shut-off feature so that it will turn itself off if it has not been used for two hours.


  • The Keurig will help reduce coffee waste.
  • Each person can have a personalized cup of coffee to their specific taste.
  • There are three size options for cups.
  • The water tank is fully removable.
  • The coffee maker has an auto shut off.


  • The only cups that can be used with it are the specified K-cups.
  • This is not as personal of a gift.
  • The strength cannot be customized.

16. Snoozies Women’s Classic Splitz Applique Slipper Socks

Spoil the birthday girl with a brand new pair of snuggly slippers. These are not just ordinary slippers. They are uniquely designed to fit around your feet in a way that they have the best of both slippers and snuggly socks all in one wonderfully luxury pair of slippers, each one with a unique and humorous saying that will reflect the wearer’s personality.

There are nineteen different color and pattern combinations. These vary from cute dogs or a classy fox to a humorous pair saying “Mama needs some wine.” Each slipper covers wine, dogs, birds, and other pets.

The slippers have cushioned bottoms to protect your feet when walking across surfaces. The soles are both soft and skid-resistant. The sizes are available in small, medium, large, and extra large, all in women’s sizes.


  • The slippers are very soft.
  • There are many different designs to choose from.


  • The soles are softer so they wear through faster.

17. Bonzy Home End Table Snack Side Table with Storage C Shaped End Table for Sofa Couch

Bonzy Home End Table Snack Side Table with Storage C Shaped End Table for Sofa Couch

There is little more relaxing than just chilling at home on your couch with a good movie and a plate full of your favorite dinner or dessert. While the dining room table is great for formal entertaining, there are times it is just nice to eat casually. This Bonzy Home End Table Snack Side Table allows you to bring your meals into the living room.

This end table features a C-frame and can be placed under a sofa or couch for added convenience. This couch table comes with a side bag to provide additional storage space. This end table, laptop table, snack table, and coffee table can slide under your low-clearance sofa, allowing you to read books, drink coffee, eat food, and enjoy dessert while sitting on the sofa.

This wooden couch side table comes with all of the necessary attachments as well as installation instructions. It takes 15 minutes to assemble. There are no other tools necessary. The table comes flat and is easy to assemble. It measures 20.4″ L x 13.7″ W x 24.4″ H inches and includes four adjustable feet that provide extra stability and protect your floor from scratches. It can also be adjusted in height to fit your couch or sofa. It also includes a side bag that provides additional storage space for newspapers, magazines, and books while saving space.

This hardwood table is made of thick square carbon steel metal tubes and density board. At 24.4 inches high, it’s higher than a coffee table but lower than a conventional table, so everything is at arm’s length when you’re sitting. The weight limit is 50 pounds. Perfect for snacking and drinking while watching TV, as well as holding your remote, iPad, tablet, magazines, and other items. It may also function as an end table, laptop computer desk, bedroom table, or stand alone. It can also be utilized as a nightstand, end table, or accent table in your living room or bedroom.


  • Neat and Versatile End Table.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Sturdy Frame and Durable.


  • The table does not fold up for easy storage.
  • The legs do not have felt, so they tend to scratch up hardwood floors easily.

18. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

If you would like to complete the spa gift for the birthday girl, this beautiful tray will turn a regular bubble bath into a relaxing evening event. This sleek wooden tray fits across the top of most tubs to hold all the spa items needed as well as a few fun extras. It is large enough with caddies for two so that her significant other can join her for a relaxing spa night.

The bathtub caddy tray is made from high-quality bamboo. Bamboo helps resist bacteria and mold that would otherwise grow in a moist environment. A thin coat of protective lacquer helps to further protect the wood from rotting.

The caddy tray measures 43 inches. It has a non-slip silicone grip. This keeps the tray from sliding around. Either side of the caddy has little cubby holes to hold soaps and other small items. The center of the caddy has long slits to hold papers or magazines. It can also hold larger mobile devices such as iPads. There is also a round hole for cups. Another slit fits phones so you can watch videos while you have your spa night. The caddy comes with a free soap dish.


  • The caddy is large enough to hold items for two people.
  • The slits can hold phones, iPads, and other material and devices.


  • The tray has specific dimensions, and may not fit all tubs.

19. Travelpro Maxlite 4 25” Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Maxlite 4 25” Expandable Spinner

For those travel-lovers, a new suitcase is something that is nearly always needed. Now you can gift one of the best suitcases available for travel. That is the Travelpro Maxlite 4 Expandable Spinner. This style has suitcases in all the regular suitcase sizes, but we will look specifically at the 25-inch spinner as that is the most versatile size for traveling.

The Travelpro is not only very popular among passengers, but it also is the preferred suitcase by many flight crews. Travelpro has been known for being reliable and durable. Their company has been making luggage since 1987. The luggage design was originated by a pilot who flew frequently and knew what a suitcase needed. It has remained as one of the top suitcases ever since then.

When it comes to a good suitcase, one of the first items to look at is size. Without the correct dimensions, your suitcase may not be able to hold all your items or even be allowed on an airline or other travel location. Travelpro makes their luggage with travel in mind. This Maxlite 4 is designed to work for all types of travel, including airline travel.

This suitcase is 25 inches tall by 16.75 inches wide by 11.25 inches deep. In total, the suitcase has a total capacity of 9.1 liters. With the added height of the wheels, the total height of the suitcase comes out to 27.5 inches tall when standing. This suitcase weighs only 7.8 pounds.

There is an extendable handle on the top of the suitcase that nestles inside during the trip. The handle pulls out to 38 inches. There is an extra tall suitcase option that will extend the handle to 42.5 inches.

The suitcase is made from a polyester fabric. It is made to be both water and stain resistant with a special coating to protect the fabric from the regular elements and bumps that travel will put suitcases through. The water-resistant coasting is both on the outside and the inside so that it will protect your contents from being ruined, as well as protecting other items from being ruined if something spills inside the suitcase.

This suitcase has four sturdy wheels that spin 360 degrees. This allows the suitcase to be pushed as well as pulled when traveling. It can also sit stable when standing in line. The 360-degree wheels also make it easier to quickly change directions, move around corners, and back up in an instant and in small spaces with minimum motions required. The suitcase also has a bottom tray to help hold the wheels in place for advanced durability.

There are multiple handles on this suitcase. The extendable handle has a patented contour grip that is more comfortable than the regular plastic straight handle of many other suitcases. The contoured design also makes it easier to change direction with a slight push. There is also a cloth handle on the side and the top of the suitcase, making it easy to load on conveyor belts, in trunks of cars, and in overhead compartments of trains.

When it comes to packing, Travelpro has you covered. There are three zippered areas for packing. The main compartment is where all your large items and clothing can be placed. The center compartment has an expansion design. This expansion design allows for the main compartment to be enlarged by up to 2 inches for extra room when needed. You can secure the items in the main compartment using straps so that your clothing will remain properly in place all during your trip to cut down on wrinkles.

Inside the main compartment is the second parking area. It is a mesh zippered pocket on the inside of the lid. This area is ideal to separate smaller items and clothing from the main compartment. It also helps keep certain items flatter. The last compartment is an outside pocket. It is a large pocket on the lid of the suitcase. This is an area that is ideal for small items that should be separate from the main compartment. Items in this top pocket should not be fragile items as the top pocket will receive the most bumps when stacked and moved during travel.

Travel is very rough on suitcases. There are many parts of the suitcase that can fail during a trip, and it is difficult to ascertain how much is the airline’s fault and how much is the suitcase’s fault. Overall, one feature seems to be the most common area to fail on this suitcase, and that is the zipper. There are many comments about the zipper splitting and the lock falling off. Those that do experience this failure can bring their Travelpro to a local store and, depending on the warranty, they can fix the zipper.

20. Rerii Bookcase, 3 Tier Small Bookshelf Kids Open Shelves, Standing Book Storage Case Shelf Display Rack Table

Rerii Bookcase, 3 Tier Small Bookshelf Kids Open Shelves, Standing Book Storage Case Shelf Display Rack Table

While it may be nice at times to gift those you care about special nick-knacks and pictures to set around their home, there comes a time when they will run out of space. Instead of gifting another figurine, why not gift a place to keep all those special memorabilia? This beautiful bookcase display shelf by Rerii is both compact for all spaces as well as very uniquely chic in design. It is sure to suit all types of décor.

This bookshelf has three tiers. This bookcase is ideal for storing your children’s toys and books. It’s composed of PVC. The benefits include waterproofing and environmental friendliness. It is lighter and softer than solid wood. It makes this bookshelf considerably safer to use with your children. You may also use the small bookcase as a bathroom shelf. It is waterproof. It can help keep your bathroom tidy. This bookcase is a good option. If it’s soiled, simply wipe it down with soft cloths or water. It has no effect on the service life. It can also help you arrange your bathroom belongings. It has a large storage capacity. It’ll be a fantastic bathroom organizer stand for you.

This little bookshelf can also be used as a bookcase, end table, or nightstand in the bedroom or living room. The 3-tier pattern is 35 inches tall. You can use this shelf to store your books, cellphone, clock, watch, and other items. They are very easy to transport. Because it is white, it will go well with your bed and bedroom furniture. It’s also simple to relocate it to any location. The little bookcase is 15 (L) x 9.5 (W) x 35 (H) inches in dimension. As you can see, it may be used in a variety of settings, including the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and office. It’s also capable of doing the job well. This display rack shelf is great for load-bearing, moisture-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy assembly.


  • Adorable & Lightweight.
  • It is small enough to fit nearly anywhere.
  • It has a unique appearance.


  • The shelves are not adjustable.
  • This bookcase only comes in an white color.

21. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha FG800 wins by a mile over all the other acoustic guitars for beginners.

A birthday gift can also be the start of a new hobby. If the birthday girl enjoys music than you can gift her an acoustic guitar for beginners to help get her started on her musical journey.

Nothing can rival the high quality of the guitar while still having a beginner guitar price tag. This is what makes the Yamaha the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Yamaha definitely has made a name for itself in the music industry, and many know them for their pianos. But, their over 50 years of business has spread their fame and they are now one of the largest names in guitars as well. They are used by beginners and professionals alike and can be seen in footage of famous artists such as country star Joe McDonald.

The Yamaha FG800 has one of the only solid wood tops. Solid wood has better resonance than laminate and other mixes of wood. Among the woods, spruce is known as the best wood for sound in a guitar. The Yamaha FG800 has a solid Sitka spruce top. The top of the guitar affects the majority of the sound from the guitar. This is why it is the most important part of the guitar when it comes to material.

The back and sides are made from nato. Nato is a cheaper material, which is one of the ways that the guitar keeps its costs down. The back and sides, while they do have an influence over the sound and resonance, are not as important as the top. This is why it is better than the sides are made cheaply than the top. Nato is very similar to mahogany in effect, but not quite as high quality.

This is a classic six-string guitar. The fingerboard is made from rosewood. Rosewood is one of the more expensive woods. It tends to be slightly heavier, but it produces better sounds. Not only is the fingerboard made from rosewood, but also the bridge is solid rosewood.

The entire body of the guitar has a hand-sprayed finish. The finish helps protect the wood as well as helps with the resonance.

The Yamaha is best known for its lower and mid-range tones. The bracing of the guitar helps with the backing and holding the soundboard in place. The placement of the soundboard helps promote the lower overtones of the guitar.

Yamaha offers more than just the guitar. Since this is a beginner’s guitar, they offer a package for beginners with a collection of accessories that will help get you started on your musical journey.

This accessories package bundle includes a case. The case is a large, black hard case. It has room for the guitar as well as storing small accessories so that they are easy to access when playing the guitar. The hard case will protect the outside of the guitar from scratches and bumps as well as more serious injuries that would affect the quality of sound. The inside of the case is lined with plush so the guitar is cushioned while you travel. There are latches around the side that keep the lid closed while traveling. A handle makes it easy to carry the case with you wherever you may go.

In addition to the case, the beginner’s kit also includes five additional helpful accessories. First, there is a stand. It is a basic A-frame stand that can hold nearly any acoustic and electric guitars. The kit also includes picks, a guitar strap, a polishing cloth, and a clip tuner. Tuners are very important for making sure your strings are tightened properly in order to produce the best quality sound.

While this guitar is one of the highest quality guitars for an affordable beginner’s price, there are some areas that will need to be adjusted. It is not a four digit price tag guitar, so not every part of the guitar will be performance-worthy quality.

One of the first areas that will most likely need to be changed are the strings. They are very thick strings. This may work for more advanced players, but those starting out will want to begin with lighter strings then adjust from there depending on their style.

The other area that you may want to consider getting examined is the saddle and nuts. You can have these examined by a professional and adjusted as needed to enhance the sound of the guitar and be sure you are getting the ultimate quality possible with your guitar.

You will also want to eventually replace the other items that are part of the beginner’s kit. These items are not the highest of quality but will work while getting started. You will eventually want to find a stand with more secure holdings and padding as well as a strap that will be more comfortable. Also, investing in better quality picks will go a long way when it comes to the sound produced.


  • All the items needed to start playing guitar are included with the package.
  • The guitar is affordable, yet still high-quality.


  • The strings will most likely need to be exchanged for better quality strings.

22. Cotton Craft Ultra Soft Oversized Extra Large Bath Towels

Cotton Craft Ultra Soft Oversized Extra Large Bath Towels

There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower to snuggle into a large, warm, fuzzy towel. Unfortunately, towels wear out rather quickly and soon become scratchy and old. You can gift a set of new towels to give back that fluffy new feeling by gifting this high-quality set of cotton towels by Cotton Craft.

These towels come in ten different color options. This allows you to give a variety of colors to help keep each person’s towel unique. There are also three different set of options to choose from. You can either get a basic four towel set, a 12 pack of wash clothes, or a 6 pack of hand towels. You can also get two different sets to compliment each other such as towels and wash clothes.

These towels are made from cotton, which is soft and very warm. Each towel measures about 30 inches by 54 inches. They are made from 100% pure ringspun cotton. In addition, they have a ray ban band across either side for additional decoration. The towels are very absorbent and weigh about 22 ounces. Their size makes them ideal for both a home towel or even a beach towel. They can stand up to the daily use of a bath towel as well as the additional exposure it would get as a beach towel. To care for the towels, simply machine wash them. Do not use bleach on the towels. For the best first experience with the towels, you should wash them at least once so that they are even softer.


  • These towels are very absorbent.
  • They are large enough for people of all sizes.
  • The towels come in multiple different colors and set options.
  • They can easily be machine washed.


  • The towels can bleed at the start, so wash them separately.

23. VIPERTEK VTS-T03- Aluminum Series 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-T03- Aluminum Series 53 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

A stun gun may not seem like the most personal gift to give a girl for her birthday, but it is a practical gift that will help with her safety. This tactical flashlight has everything needed so that that special girl can go to parties and other events with her mind in peace as her own personal safety is one less thing she has to worry about.

This heavy duty stun gun has a 350-lumen tactical flashlight. The flashlight is bright and will help her see in all situations. The bulb is a 100,000-hour bulb so that she does not need to worry about whether or not the light will come on when she needs it the most.

The body of the stun gun is a type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body. The body is designed so that it will not roll away when dropped. This will keep it always nearby and ready when needed. The internal battery is rechargeable so you will not need to worry about having extra batteries on hand. The stun gun measures 6.75 inches, making it small and convenient enough to be carried around in a purse. The device fits in a small case to protect it when it is not needed.


  • This is a gift that will help keep the special girl safe.
  • The device has a rechargeable battery.
  • It has both a stun gun and a flashlight.


  • The stun gun only works when the flashlight is turned off.

24. E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

E Tronic Edge Waist Packs

If the birthday girl loves her workout routine, you can make it more convenient with this little running belt. It provides a convenient place to store necessary items without getting in the way of the workout.

The belt comes in nine different colors. Each one is very vibrant and sure to be a big hit for any girl who loves the color. It is made from a very lightweight neoprene fabric material so you would hardly even notice it is there. It is also very comfortable and breathable to avoid sweating from the belt. It is also water resistant to help protect it from sweat and rain. Despite being breathable, it is still very durable. The belt is one size fits all. No matter your size,  this belt can be adjusted to hug your waist securely without bouncing around during your workout, up to a 51-inch circumference.

Even though the belt is very small and lightweight, it can still hold the important items. It has a universal phone fit that can fit nearly all smartphone brands. The pocket measures a total of 6.25 inches. A small hole in the front of the belt allows for a pair of headphones to be stuck through in order that you can listen to your music even with your phone in the pocket. There are two small Velcro pocket slots on either side of the phone pocket. These small pockets can hold credit cards or a wad of cash. A small holster can hold a small water bottle if needed.


  • This belt is one size fits all.
  • It comes in many great colors.
  • There are multiple pockets to hold all the important items.


  • The clips on the back are not the best quality.

25. Kimono Robe Long by CCcollections

Kimono Robe Long by CCcollections

Spoil the birthday girl this year with this beautiful silky long kimono robe from the CCcollections. It is as beautiful as it is soft. It also comes in many fun colors and patterns all with a traditional Japanese style of flowers and birds.

There are sixteen different colors to choose from. All have a variation of the same pattern of Japanese Cherry Blossoms and peacocks. It is made from a silk satin polyester and is both lightweight and luxurious. The best part is that it will not break the bank to purchase this robe. It can be machine washed to keep it clean. The robe is long and has long sleeves. It has a deep V neck down the front. It is in the typical Asian kimono styles that fall about three quarters down the arm so that the hands are freed up to still move around without hindrance. The robe will fit anyone that is US size 4 through 12. The entire length of the robe is 42 inches. The width across the shoulders is 26 inches.


  • The robe will fit most body sizes.
  • There are many different colors to choose from.
  • The sleeves leave the hands free.
  • The robe can be machine washed.


  • Some of the stitches come out easily.