Fun Ideas for a Space Themed Party

a party with lots of lights

There are many different party themes to choose from for various celebrations. If you want to throw a memorable one that is out of this world, why not choose a space-themed party? Whether you’re throwing a kid’s party, graduation party, or engagement party, a space-themed party can make any special occasion more … Read more

Fun Ideas for a 1920s Themed Party

woman in a 1920s fashion

The 1920s is one of the most memorable and exciting times. It is also popularly known as the Roaring ‘20s and the Jazz Age and known as a decade for people letting loose. A lot of people characterize this era by its rebelliousness of Prohibition laws, leaving of restrictive styles of clothes, … Read more

Ideas for Throwing a Racing Themed Party


When little boys play, they usually imagine many things with their toy cars. They crash them into one another, line them up at the floor, and race them. Is your little boy obsessed with race cars or anything with wheels? A race car-themed party for their birthday would be epic! If you … Read more

Tips for Successfully Throwing a Surprise Party

woman surprised on her birthday

There are many different types of parties out there that you can organize for a friend, family member, or loved one. Among those, one of the most exciting is throwing a surprise party. It can be so much fun for the celebrant and the guest, and even for the person who planned … Read more

Fun Ideas for a Victorian Era Themed Party

party foods with tea, bread, and cupcakes

The late 1800s Victorian style is truly iconic. This is why a lot of women are into the womanliness and elegance of this style, such as the big fluffy skirts, the corsets, the pearls, the hats, and the curls. In fact, even young girls today are attracted to the Victorian style and … Read more

Ideas for Throwing an Airplane Themed Party


Planes can be fascinating for kids, especially for boys. The thought of flying with an airplane or even piloting an airplane can be a dream for a child who loves to look at the sky and imagine what it feels like to fly. Also, planes can represent high hopes for the future, … Read more

Ideas for Throwing a Fun Party for Your Dog

”Two dogs sharing a birthday cake”

Dogs give us companionship, loyalty, and infinite amounts of love. For that, their lives are also worthy of a celebration. No matter what the occasion – whether it’s a dog birthday party, gotcha day, bark-mitzvah, or simply a loving celebration – there are many ways to throw a party for the furry … Read more

Ideas for Throwing a Rainbow Themed Party

A rainbow-colored balloon arch

A rainbow party is probably one of the most popular, timeless, and cheerful party themes. This colorful theme is ideal for all ages, and its unisex design makes it easy to adapt at any party and to recreate at home. Here’s a solid list of ideas for throwing a rainbow party: Decorations … Read more

How to Host a French Apéro Party

A cheese plate and glass of drinks

When it comes to pre-dinner drinks, the French got it right. Unlike the traditional American happy hour that has cheap beer, fried foods, and bottom-shelf liquor, the French apéro offers sophisticated sippers and some thoughtfully curated snacks that are perfect for transitioning to dinnertime. What is French Apéro? Apéro is not exactly … Read more

Ideas for Throwing an Angelina Ballerina Party

The logo for Angelina Ballerina show

Angelina Ballerina is a little mouse who hopes to become a prima ballerina. This character is based on the books by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig, and it became popular as a TV series for children. Girls who watch this show may like it so much that they are inspired to be … Read more

Tips for Organizing an Awesome Gamer Party

retro gamer party with vintage video game consoles

There are many kinds of parties that you can organize and invite your friends and loved ones to, but one of the most fun types of parties is the gamer party, wherein you and the invitees can enjoy playing video games and competing as to who will be crowned as the best … Read more