18 Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

  Being asked to be part of a wedding is a huge honor, and can also be tons of fun. If you’re a best man or groomsman in a buddies wedding, then you’ll have the privilege of planning an awesome bachelor party before the big day. It might sound like a huge … Read more

16 Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday Celebration Ideas

  You don’t need to throw a formal birthday party to celebrate a friend or relative’s birthday. The whole key to a celebration is the word celebrate, and you can do that anywhere, in any way you want. The freedom to throw a birthday shindig with a creative or personalized flair is … Read more

22 Magic Birthday Parties

Magic Birthday Parties

  Everyone remembers at least one fantastic party they attended as a child. One, the other kids were talking about when they came back to school. Everything was just right. There was amazing food, unique drinks, and something extra special about it. Every birthday should be magical. Creating a one-of-a-kind experience is … Read more

12 Lingerie Party Ideas

Lingerie Party Ideas

  A lingerie party, also known as a bridal shower is an event thrown for a bride-to-be. The idea is to gather her inner circle of women together so they can gift her items she will use with her husband as a married woman. Traditionally, the gifts were intimate garments. However, these … Read more

31 Dog Party Games

Dog Party Games

  While having a party is all exciting, nothing adds thrill like a few fun games.  If you’re having a party for a puppy or your dog, you’ll need to organize fun activities to keep your canine friends entertained and busy. To ensure your pup’s guests are not bored, we’ve listed some … Read more

12 Birthday Surprise for Her

Birthday Surprise for Her

  When you’re planning a birthday party, there are several things you need to take into account. What they like, what their favorite color and decorations are, what special events they prefer, and many other things should all be taken into account. More than anything else, the gender of the person you’re … Read more

14 Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement Party Ideas

  Have you ever thrown a retirement party? The chances are that you’ve never attended or thrown one. Of course, you probably haven’t retired, either! While these parties are a bit less common than your standard birthday party, they’re no less important in celebrating the crucial milestones in a person’s life. However, … Read more

21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st birthday party ideas

  If you’re looking for 21st birthday ideas, you’re in the right place. Birthdays are fun to celebrate but there are a few milestone birthdays that just mean more. Your 21st birthday is one of those. Therefore, it should be a night to remember. You are finally considered a legal adult. You … Read more

Tips for Planning Parties for the Holidays

Hot cocoa cup on top of a plate with sweets on a party

One of the things people look forward to the most during the holiday season – besides the vacation part – is the holiday parties that go along with it. It’s a wonderful time to reunite with friends and family and eating wonderful dishes that you don’t get to eat on an everyday … Read more

How to Host a Beer Tasting Party

Beer tasting flight

You’ve probably attended a lot of cocktail parties, holiday parties, and other big bashes, and you might feel it’s your turn to do something different. If you don’t want to break the bank for a party but want to serve your guests what they love to drink, and you love to geek … Read more

Beach Dinner Party Ideas

A dinner table by the beach at sunset

When hosting a dinner party, you know you should make it memorable. The setting, the theme, and the food you serve shouldn’t be the same as they are every day. And there’s no better place to host a classy, heartfelt, and fun dinner like the beach. If you live near the beach … Read more

Ideas for a Medical-Themed Party

There’s no doubt about it – the medical staff all over the world are amazing. They are putting themselves at risk out there to save lives, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Yet, every single day, they go out of their way to help others, and they deserve some respect. If you have … Read more