Clay Pot Nutcracker

Since we moved into a new house this summer, I decided I needed something different for my front porch.  I decided to make this quick and easy clay pot nutcracker.  Here are the instructions on how to get started on this project.

Materiel’s needed:

5 Clay Pots (all the same size)

Epoxy Glue

Black, Blue and Red Paint

Permanent Markers

Gold Ribbon


1.  Paint two of the clay pots black.

2.  Paint one pot blue and the rim black.

3.  Paint one pot red and the rim black.

4.  You do not have to paint the last pot.  You can use permanent markers or paint for this.  I colored the eyes black, the nose a dark pink and the mouth red.

5.  Use the epoxy glue to glue the dried pots together.  Start with a black pot upside down; glue the blue pot on top; then glue the red pot upside down on top of the blue pot; next glue the nutcracker face pot; glue the last black pot on upside down.

6.  Next, you can embellish your nutcracker.  I added a gold ribbon on the top pot to accent his hat.  I also added a tassel to the top pot to add some pizzazz.

7.  VERY carefully, move the nutcracker to the place you would like to display him.  You might want to use a dolly or wagon to help move it.