Cookout Ideas That’ll Make Your Outdoor Party Unforgettable

The world’s been locked down for just under two years. Now, global lockdown restrictions are being eased, travel is being allowed, and gatherings of more than ten people are once again permitted. With summer on the way, there’s never been a better time for an outdoor party.

If you are going to hold an outdoor party, then why not also hold a cookout? Cookouts are great ways to bring people together, encourage communication, and have a good time.

This article will present a few cookout ideas that will make your outdoor party unforgettable, as well as some other tips for throwing a party:

Offset Cookers

Offset cookers allow you to cook your meat three ways, which gives you greater control over how you prepare your guest’s food. Offset cookers allow for grilling food indirectly and directly, and smoking. Smoking imparts a delicious flavour to your food, though grilling is still a favourite of many home chefs. Grilling is more practical if you are going to be cooking large quantities of meat, which is likely if you are throwing an outdoor party. On a side note, make sure that you cater to vegan or vegetarian guests. You should prepare their food separately, which you can do on a disposable grill.

Indoor Cooking

While “cookout” suggests some kind of outdoor cooking, you don’t necessarily have to cook outdoors. Instead, you can cook indoors in a large pot. This is usually the best option if you are going to make curries, stews, or chowders. If the weather’s nice outside, then you should still offer your guests barbequed food too. When you invite somebody to an outdoor cookout, they typically expect it. Chowders can complement grilled food very well. If you are going to make a clam or fish chowder, ask your guests if they have any allergies before serving.

Fried Food

In addition to cooking curries and chowders inside, you could also offer your guests fried food, which you can do inside or outside. Fried food, such as chicken and fries make for great party food, because they are simple to eat, and don’t take much work. If you are going to fry food for your guests, then try to use an oil that is not extremely unhealthy. In addition, make sure that you properly season your chicken, so that it is as flavourful as possible.

Fried Food

Drink Supply

Moving away from cooking tips to party tips, you need to make sure that you have a steady supply of drinks for your guests. Most party planners recommend iced buckets, which you can dot around your garden or the venue. Make sure that you buy enough alcohol for your guests. If there are going to be children present, then you should also buy fizzy drinks, juices, and water. You need to cater to everybody there. If non-drinkers are attending, then you could also offer them non-alcoholic beers, so that they feel comfortable being around people that are drinking.

Sound System

If your party is going to be being held outdoors in the summertime, then why not invest in a sound system too? A sound system can be a very effective way to liven up your party. Music always loosens people up. If you live in a built-up area, then make sure that you do not have the volume up too loud. Playing loud music can annoy your neighbours and in some places, it can be a crime. In the United Kingdom, for example, it is illegal to play loud music after 11 pm – and on Sundays. Try to play a genre that all your guests will enjoy, also.

Party Venue

Throughout this article, it has been assumed that you will be holding a party in your garden. You do not have to, however. You could hold it there, or you could hold it at a public outdoor place. There are many parks and outdoor recreational areas that allow people to hold barbeques. If you are going to hold a barbeque outdoors in a public venue, then make sure that you get the landowner’s approval first – or at the very least notify the council or local government that you will be holding a barbeque.


If the party is going to be held in your garden, then make sure that you have enough seating for everybody. In addition to seating, you also need to leave lots of trashcans around, so people can discard their waste. Cleaning up after a busy party can be a nightmare, it’s better if people clean up after themselves.

Holding a party can be very fun, as long as you plan it properly. If you don’t, then you can bore everybody, and waste everybody’s time. Follow this article’s guidance, and your party should go off without a hitch.